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VIM3 V15 - What's New?

Updated: Jun 11

Dear Khadas Community,

We’re delighted to share the latest update on our VIM3 single-board computer. Equipped with the Amlogic A311D SoC and 5.0 TOPS NPU, this seasoned player has moved forward from its 14th to the 15th version. 

The primary focus of the VIM3 V15 version is an upgrade in the USB HUB chip. Read on to gain a deeper insight into the improvement! 

What’s New

The USB HUB Chip in VIM3 V15 has moved from FE8.1 used in the V14, to the FE1.1S in V15. 

Updated Power Supply Design

  1. Schematic Diagram of VIM3 V15 

2. PCB Layout of VIM3 V15

3. Product Picture of the Updated PCB

Notes on the Availability of V15 

The VIM3 V15 version is now fully available for purchase. Currently, we have both VIM3 V14 and VIM3 V15 hardware versions in stock. If you have any special requirements for VIM3_V15, we suggest specifying them with our sales team first. 


Thank you for reading this blog update! As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum.  

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Khadas Maker Team

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Unknown member
Jul 03

Versions VIM3 V15 and later benefit from an improved and upgraded USB HUB chip, making them more robust and responsive. basketball stars


Unknown member
Jul 03

I appreciate the information you shared and the notable new points in VIM3 V15 8 ball pool


Unknown member
Jul 02

Upgrading the USB HUB chip and improving it helps version VIM3 V15 and above to be more complete and responsive. Happy Wheels

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