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Slim & Powerful

Tea - Portable Magnetic DAC & Headphone Amplifier



MQA Renderer


ES9281AC Pro




Apple Lossless 

DSD 256(Native)

Tea Video
Khadas Audio

Connect to Your Hi-Fi Universe

Experience seamless mastery over your Khadas music devices with Khadas Audio — the one-stop solution for effortless management of your Hi-Fi universe. Tailor your music experience with precision through customizable Gain, EQ,

and Filter settings. Assign your desired function to your device's button and command your music world.

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Powerful Discrete DAC chip
Enjoy Lossless Hi-Fi Audio

Tea is powered by a discrete ES9281AC Pro DAC chip, manufactured by ESS, a global high-end Hi-Fi audio chip manufacturer. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 116dB, and a dynamic range of 115dB. It supports the following codecs:  MQA Renderer, PCM decoding at 32bit / 384KHz,  DSD 256 (Native),  Apple Lossless Music. Use Tea with popular apps such as Foobar, Tidal and Roon, or major streaming platforms that support lossless audio.


Tea integrates the Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, supporting mainstream Bluetooth encoding formats such as AAC / SBC / LDAC / aptX / aptX HD / aptX Low Latency and Hi-Res audio up to 96KHz/24bit with low latency(40ms)①.

Enjoy lossless audio without any compromises.

Qualcomm Bluetooth Chip
Music Without Cables!

aptx HD.jpeg
aptx LL.png

Snap It

‘Tea’ includes strong built-in magnets②which precisely match the layout of Apple’s MagSafe. With a ring of multiple strong magnets, ‘Tea’ will remain firmly attached to the back of your iPhone 12/13 series .



Tea-+iPhone13pro side.png


Net weight 


Ultraslim aluminium unibody shell

Tea is made from a single-piece of machined aluminium alloy and silver-coated anti-fingerprint glass. Touch and caress Tea with your fingertips without leaving any marks. Weighing only 73.5g and 6.25mm ultraslim aluminium unibody shell, Tea will not add bulk to your iPhone. With a design language that precisely matches your iPhone, Tea blends perfectly with the iPhone’s appearance, so use them as one unit for excellent ergonomics and portability.

Small Size
Big Battery

Tea incorporates a high-capacity 1160mAh lithium-polymer battery that provides up to 8 hours ③ of continuous playback time, so you can enjoy your high-fidelity music throughout your entire day without draining your smartphoneʼs battery.

You can even recharge Tea with an Android phone with just a few key presses; get rid of battery anxiety now!


Synchronized Audio & Video


Tea supports aptX low latency④. Whether it is playing online games or watching movies,

Tea will ensure that your audio and video remain in sync,

creating a truly immersive experience.

Plug & Play Simplicity

Tea dynamically adapts to the impedance load of your headphones, from 8-300Ω.

Just plug-in your standard or professional headphones, and Tea automatically adapts to the required power output, no manual adjustment required.

Tea is easy to use with only three buttons and two combination⑤ button modes.


In the Bluetooth mode, long press the power button for 2 seconds to wake up Siri or other voice assistants without taking your phone out your pocket. Whilst playing music, press the power button to answer an incoming phone call. Every word can be clearly conveyed to the listener with ‘Tea’s dual built-in microphones.

Call With Siri 
Chat Easily


THD+N, 1KHz, 300Ω:0.000355% (-109dB) 
DNR, High-gain Mode:115dB
Frequency Response, 20Hz~20KHz:0.05dB

Noise:< 3.2uVrms  

Max Output @300Ω: 20.8mW (2.5Vrms)      
Max Output @150Ω: 41.7mW (2.5Vrms)     
Max Output @32Ω: 165mW (2.3Vrms)
Max Output @16Ω: 130mW (1.44Vrms)      


What power adapters does Tea support?

You should use a power adapter that support 5V ≥ 1.0A.

When Tea is recharging, why doesn’t the indicator light turn red?

Because Tea's battery is already fully charged.

Why does Tea power off automatically when no music is playing?

In order to maximise battery life, Tea will automatically turn off after 10 minutes when there is neither music playback nor any operation. 

​①Human perception has a latency limit of 70ms

②Tea can be attached to iPhone 12/13 (or older iPhones equipped with a MagSafe compatible protective case). Android users can also purchase protective cases that include a MagSafe magnetic ring.

Measured by Khadas Testing Laboratory:

1) Using a USB cable, Tea can play music continuously for 8 hours, at 100% volume, playing PCM44.1KHz format, with a 35Ω  earphone.
2) Using Bluetooth, Tea can play music continuously for 8 hours, at 100% volume, playing PCM44.1KHz format (-20dB sine wave standard audio), with 35Ω earphones.

④Your smartphone needs to support aptX low latency output.

⑤Please refer to the manual for how to use the combination button modes.

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