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Khadas Headquater

Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd is the company that owns the brand "Khadas", our company was founded on 5 November 2014. The brand name "Khadas" was first registered on 29 August 2016. We focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing Amlogic and Rockchip single board computers (SBCs) for the open source community and streaming media player industry. Lately we've also added audio products like the Tone2 Pro Hi-Fi DAC and Khadas balanced RCA connectors to our line-up.


In addition to retail, Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd. also handles OEM/ODM product design, software and hardware development, as well as final product manufacturing and delivery to the point of use or sale. If the client wishes, we can carry out industrial design for both the internal PCBA support structure, as well as the external product enclosure.


We warmly welcome OEM/ODM orders from all around the world. Not only do we offer clients complete products (various PCBA designs may be chosen), we also provide the service of developing custom PCBAs for different areas of industry (can be based on existing Khadas products or an entirely bespoke design).


Many types of industrial devices can be developed, limited only by your imagination. Contact Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd. with your OEM/ODM request, or partner with us as a distributor of retail products.


Company Name (English): Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co. Ltd.

Company Name (Chinese): 深圳市世野科技有限公司
Company ID: 914403003195782342 (China)

Our Mission

Think different, act different, be different, and make a difference. Khadas develops superior quality, high performance single board computers for makers, developers, and tinkerers, that come with open source, professional technical support, and a global community for issue discussion & idea sharing. Khadas aspires to help the Maker Community grow by achieving their ideas and dreams step by step.

our mission

Our History

our history


  • Khadas Tone2 Pro

Worthy successor to our famous Khadas Tone1 DAC. The Tone2 Pro incorporates balanced audio, a headphone amplifier and MQA support, in addition to crystal-clear audio.


  • Khadas VIM3

The world's first single board computer equipped with Amlogic's powerful A311D SoC, that contains an integrated 5.0 TOPS neural processing unit (NPU), for deep learning applications.


  • Khadas Edge & Edge-V

  • Khadas Tone1

Two SBCs based on the RK3399 SoC was released on Indiegogo in October.

The Tone1 was officially released, making rapid headway into the HiFi audio market, paving the way for smart voice products.


  • Khadas VIM2

Our second Khadas branded product. VIM2 was selected by Google as one of the first supported development platforms for the Google Fuchsia operating system.


  • Khadas VIM1

Introduction of our first Khadas branded single board computer, the VIM1. It made a big splash due to its affordable price and diminutive size, measuring no larger than a credit card.

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