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VIM Series


A311D2, 8GB LPDDR4X + HDMI Input


S905D3, HDMI eARC + 1.2 TOPS NPU


A311D + 5.0 TOPS NPU, Accelerate A.I


S905Y4, AV1 4K60 Decoding


Compare VIM Series

Find your ideal vim companion, for your next project!

[1] WOL: Power-on or wake up the SBC remotely over LAN through an app or webpage.
[2] Switch between "1-lane PCIe and USB 2.0" or just "USB 3.0".
[3] The MIPI-TX/RX interface can be configured to function as a secondary MIPI-DSI, by default it is MIPI-CSI.
[4] Battery module requires a built-in charging circuit; the Juice Board has this circuit built-in.
[5] The USB-C port on the top side has USB 3.0 & PD, the other USB-C port under the board only supports USB PD.

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