Integrate balanced audio into your most compact desktop Hi-Fi DACs.

Compact Size

Balanced RCA jacks measure just 12.14mm high (10.19mm above PCB), 20.00mm long, and 11.38mm in width.

Balanced Audio

Each jack and plug incorporates 1 ground-pin, and 2 signal-pins, enabling stereo audio transmission with just one connector.

Universal Standard

Backwards-compatible with standard RCA systems and cables, no hurdles getting your next customer.

XLR-3 Adapters

Easily connect with XLR-3 systems using adapter cables, function seamlessly with legacy balanced audio equipment.

Protective Patent

Patent (CN211265767U) ensures free and fair-use for all, register below and comply with usage guidelines before using our patents.


Khadas balanced RCA is a new connector standard designed by Khadas Technology Co., Ltd. to bring balanced audio to compact desktop Hi-Fi DACs and other audio products. It was created to meet the market demand for a diminutive balanced audio connector that is also backwards compatible with standard RCA systems and cables. Each balanced RCA jack measures just 12.14 H x 20.00 L x 11.38 W mm, making it 58.5% shorter than XLR-3 jacks.

Our balanced RCA jacks and plugs are covered under a protective patent (CN211265767U). This patent is meant to keep this standard free and open source for all 3rd parties to utilize for their own benefit. If you're a vendor or manufacturer, register with the form at the bottom of this page and comply with our usage guidelines before utilizing our patents and designs. Registration and compliance is mandatory for all 3rd parties.

It is our dream to empower you, the maker and designer with the ability to integrate balanced audio into your mobile or compact desktop DACs and Hi-Fi systems. We believe that balanced audio need not require huge connectors, nor old fashioned bulky audio equipment. The future is mobile, the future is subtle and compact, more power to you and me.







  1. RCA connector vendors, DAC/amp manufacturers must fully comply with these usage guidelines and complete this registration form.

  2. Khadas balanced RCA connectors must follow the "2-holes design", to indicate that they are capable of transmitting balanced audio.

  3. DACs or amps incorporating Khadas balanced RCA jacks must include the text "Khadas balanced RCA" in their product labels.

  4. Products using Khadas balanced RCA must include a link to in their product descriptions.



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