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Mind Family

Consider the historical milestones that shaped modern computing. On a frosty February 14th in 1946, ENIAC, the world's inaugural computer, came into being in Pennsylvania, USA. A massive machine weighing over 30 tons, it marked a pivotal moment in the digital revolution.  

Fast-forward to a warm August 12th in 1981, IBM introduced the IBM 5150, the first personal computer, heralding a new era of personalized computing. 

ENIAC, the world's inaugural computer
IBM introduced the IBM 5150

Throughout the years, computing evolved into various forms, from desktops and mini PCs to laptops and tablets, each meticulously tailored to specific use cases for optimal user experience.   

However, the challenge lies in the transition between these computing scenarios. The need to effortlessly switch between a desktop setup in the office, a portable solution on the move, and a seamless transition to conference rooms remains unmet.  


This is where Khadas stands apart as the trailblazer. 



Portable Workstation

work with Mind in the office
Mind Dock

Mind Dock

Multi-Functional I/O Expansion Module with Speakers

Mind Dock features up to 9 additional I/O interfaces, making multi-display setups and SD card reading convenient. With built-in stereo speakers, it caters to your audio entertainment needs. The millisecond-speed fingerprint scanner supports fingerprint recognition across all Mind workstations, ensuring comprehensive privacy and security protection.

Audio-visual experience
 fingerprint recognition and volume knob

Fingerprint Scanner

Mind Link

Volume Knob

Mind Link connector on Mind Dock

USB 3.2 Gen1


3.5mm Headphone Jack

(Mic Supported)

SD Card Reader 4.0


mind dock_interface



HDMI 2.0


USB 3.2 Gen1



(Power Delivery)

Mind Graphics

External GPU with I/O Expansion & Speakers

The Mind Graphics module is an external GPU card expansion dock. By leaving the GPU outside of Mind's design, we could reduce it's size and footprint significantly. Housing the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti desktop-class dedicated graphics card, Mind Graphics seamlessly accelerates your 3D rendering and gaming tasks. Moreover, it can provide GPU acceleration to other laptop devices via USB 4 connectivity. Mind Graphics also includes an array of built-in expansion interfaces, thus comprehensively meeting all your I/O needs. The built-in high quality speakers bring delightful rhythms to your life beyond work.

gaming with mind graphics

* The product above is only for showcase purposes The final product is subject to changes.

Mind Graphics

Mind Link

mind link interface Khadas-patented

The Khadas Mind Link ecosystem is an open collaborative platform for developing Mind-compatible peripherals for consumer computing applications. Developers can leverage the capabilities and solutions of the Mind Link interface to rapidly build expansion modules and peripherals for Khadas Mind. This meets users’ diverse needs and enriches their user experience. Khadas welcomes all developers to join in building a thriving ecosystem of Mind Link products.

Khadas Mind
Product Roadmap

Following the launch of Khadas Mind, Khadas is committed to developing additional peripherals for Mind to satisfy customer requirements. These include the Mind Talk conference dock for meeting rooms, the portable Mind xPlay 2-in-1 tablet for remote work, and the Mind Studio Display designed for creative professionals.

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