Freedom loving, all-in-one, DIY Home Theatre PC


VIM3L is both a HTPC, and a powerful SBC for development.

Powerful & Reliable

4K playback at 75fps, 2GB 1608MHz LPDDR4 RAM.

OS Freedom

Choose to install CoreELEC (Kodi), Android, Linux, and more...

Quiet & Cool

Passively cooled, high efficiency Amlogic S905D3 SoC.

Unlimited Content

1000s of Kodi add-ons, Android apps, and Linux programs.


Use VIM3L as a HTPC, straight out of the box!

  •  VIM3L HTPC is smaller than a notepad, comes with CoreELEC pre-installed.

  • Background photograph by Freepik (1:1 scale relative to objects).

OS Freedom

​Freedom to choose your HTPC operating system

  • Android 9.0 and CoreELEC will be capable of OTA (over-the-air) updates.

  • CoreELEC (Kodi) is pre-installed on the HTPC Kit, streaming content is not included.

  • Android 9.0 is pre-installed on the bare-board.


Use VIM3L as A HTPC, straight out of the box!

  • CoreELEC is a stripped-down OS designed to run Kodi efficiently, content not included.

  • PLEX is a content-streaming app available for Android OS, content local and/or streamed.

  • Content can also be loaded via external storage, or cast from mobile phones via 3rd party apps.

Retro Gaming

Install a retro gaming os for nostalgic fun!

  • Install a Console Emulation OS, e.g. Lakka / CoreELEC, into VIM3L to run "retro game ROMs".

  • Most hardware game controllers are supported via USB cable, Bluetooth support is less universal.

  • Many "retro game ROMs" are free online, or their android versions can be downloaded from Google Play.

High Clarity 4K HDR10+

4K processing up to 75FPS, Ultra-HD, life-like viewing experience

  • Supported on Android 9.0 and CoreELEC (Kodi) only.

  • Background photograph by Pixabay.

Tone Board

VIM3L + Tone Board + Volumio = HI-FI audio player

  • Volumio is a custom-made OS designed for Hi-Fi audio playback (e.g. DSD, FLAC, WAV, etc).

  • Tone Board is equipped with the ESS9038Q2M DAC, capable of decoding DSD256 and PCM384.

  • Android and Linux are also compatible with the Tone Board (XMOS USB Drivers).

Super Cool

Passively cooled HTPC, or actively cooled SBC

  • S905D3 is capable of operating in passive cooling mode whilst running Android OS.

  • If booting Linux, or 3rd party distros, adding the 3705 Cooling Fan for active cooling is recommended.

  • Metal Plate can be used with DIY Case and Heat Pad (not included in HTPC Kit) for stronger passive cooling.