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Khadas DIY Case2: Armor-up your Khadas VIMs SBC! 

The DIY Case2 comes in two versions, a metal piano black version and a plastic black version. The metal version is higher-end and supports customized metal mesh patterns and products for enthusiasts. The plastic version is a cost-efficient version for business users. 



  • Assembly steps have been optimized to enhance the efficiency of batch assembly
  • The GPIO interface cover is designed for repeated disassembly and assembly
  • Both versions feature a black color scheme, with simplified lines that enhance its suitability for business users


Tech Specs


  • Metal Version: Stainless Steel + PC + ABS Plastic (Stainless Steel Surface Treatment: PVD) 

    Plastic Version: PC + ABS Plastic 



  • Piano Black (Metal Version)
  • Black (Plastic Version)



  • Metal Version: Shell + Screws: 47g 

  • Plastic Version: Shell + Screws: 35g 



  • 93.5*62*19.2mm



  • VIM1 

  • VIM1S 

  • VIM2 v1.4 

  • VIM3 v11 and higher 

  • VIM3L v12 and higher 

  • VIM4 (user must cut a slot for the micro-HDMI port on the bottom) 

  • 3705 Cooling Fan 

  • 3004 Cooling Fan 

  • VIM Heatsink 



  • Edge


In the Box

Metal Version: 

  • Plastic Shell + Metal Mesh 
  • Pin Decoration 
  • Antenna and Antenna Bracket 
  • Screw Sets 

Plastic Version: 

  • Plastic Shell 
  • Pin Decoration 
  • Antenna and Antenna Bracket 
  • Screw Sets 

DIY Case2

PriceFrom $5.00
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