Will there be support for MQA?

Yes, Tea supports MQA rendering, DSD 512 (Native), and other audio formats.

My iPhone does not support LDAC nor aptX HD, will this affect the music quality?

If you want to listen to lossless audio from subscription streaming services like Apple Music, please use a wired connection from your iPhone to ‘Tea’ using the included Lightning to USB-C converter cable.

My Android phone supports LDAC and aptX HD, should I still use USB-C?

Audio received via LDAC and aptX HD bluetooth is still lossy, and experienced audiophiles will be able to tell the difference. For the ultimate listening experience, please use the included USB-C to C cable.

Does ‘Tea’ support 24-bit, 192Khz PCM audio?

Yes it does, the maximum supported bit-rate for PCM is 32-bit 768KHz. Tea also supports DSD 512 (Native) and MQA rendering.


What is the battery life of ‘Tea’ going to be?

‘Tea’ has an inbuilt 1160mAh lithium-polymer battery for 8 hours of continuous music playback.

How can I upgrade ‘Tea’s Firmware?

‘Tea’ contains two types of firmware:

  1. Bluetooth Firmware: upgrade wirelessly with the ‘Tea’ app
  2. USB Audio Firmware: upgrade with a USB-C cable and a PC

Can ‘Tea’ transmit LDAC and aptX HD bluetooth to Sony bluetooth headphones?

No. ‘Tea’ is designed to output audio to 3.5mm single-end headphones only, via the inbuilt 3.5mm single-ended headphone jack.

What certifications does ‘Tea’ have?

For the electronics it has CE, FCC, KC, TELEC and UN38.3 (battery). With regards to audio, we are applying for Apple MFi, MQA, Sony LDAC and Qualcomm aptX.

Why ‘Tea’? What makes it special?

‘Tea’ was created to satisfy a high demand from our community for a “portable Tone2 Pro”; many music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music now have high-quality lossless music that can only be fully enjoyed when you connect a portable DAC such as the ‘Tea’ to your Android or iOS smartphone.


What cables will you be providing in the package?

1. USB-C to Lightning, 100mm length, 2.1mm cable diameter
2. USB-C to C, 100mm length, 2.1mm cable diameter


Can ‘Tea’ only be magnetically-attached to Apple iPhones?

The MagSafe attachment system is designed to only function with iPhone 12 or newer models, however Android phones can be equipped with a “magnetic ring accessory” that will mimic the behaviour of MagSafe. Note that a third-party phone case without a MagSafe ring, will weaken the attraction of the magnets.

Why only 3.5mm? Most devices have balanced output as well.

Our team is working on a ‘Tea Pro’ which will have balanced output. We aim to make this device just as slim as the ‘Tea’ by customising the height of the 4.4mm headphone jack.

Will ‘Tea’ be compatible with 2.5mm balanced headphones?

‘Tea’ has a 3.5mm single-end headphone jack, and will only work with single-end headphones.


Can I use ‘Tea’ to listen to music without the ‘Tea’ app?

Yes, of course. The ‘Tea’ app does however provide additional audio customisation features such as gain control, audio filters, as well as firmware updates over Bluetooth.

Is it waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof. Please do not use it whilst swimming.


Do you ship globally?

Yes we do, just provide a valid shipping address and working handphone number for the courier.

When will it be launched?

Pre-orders will begin on the 28th of October.