What power adapters does Tea support ?

You should use a power adapter that support 5V ≥ 1.0A.

When Tea is recharging, why doesn’t the indicator light turn red ?

Because Tea's battery is already fully charged.

Why does Tea power off automatically when no music is playing ?

In order to maximise battery life, Tea will automatically turn off after 10 minutes when there is neither music playback nor any operation. 

Can I use my own Lightning to USB-C cable with Tea ?

The cable included with Tea is MFi certified, model "Apple C78-USBH" . When using a 3rd party cable, please ensure that it is the

same model.

When playing MQA formatted audio, why doesn't the indicator light become magenta in color ?

Tea only supports MQA renderer. The light will only turn magenta in color when the music playback device can perform MQA core 


Can I answer voice calls through Tea when my phone is connected ?

Tea can only be used for voice calls when connected over Bluetooth. 
If connected over USB, disconnect the USB cable before making a call.

What types of smartphones can Tea attach to magnetically ?

iPhone 12, 13 series or newer with built-in MagSafe; or thesmartphone with a MagSafe case.