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VIM3 V13 - What's New

Our popular VIM3 single board computer with the Amlogic A311D SoC and 5.0 TOPS NPU has been updated from V12 to V13! Find out what's changed in this blog post.

Separate USB-C and VIN power supplies:

When the USB-C port is connected to a computer and 12V is supplied via the VIN port, the computer's USB-hub or motherboard could become damaged. A power-rerouting IC has been added, this IC separates the USB-C and VIN power supplies preventing the 12V power supply from damaging your computer.

The VIN port has a higher power-priority than the USB-C port; VIM3 will draw power from the VIN port whenever a voltage greater than 5V is supplied via VIN.

New USB current limits:

VIM3's input voltage range remains the same, from 5 to 20V. However we have updated the USB port current limits:

  • USB2.0 port, max 1.3A

  • USB3.0 port, max 1.7A.

We designed VIM3 V13 with higher current support to enable more applications that require a larger power draw, i.e. thermal camera module for real-time, remote temperature sensing (for use with covid-19 detection systems).

Updated Wi-Fi module:

AMPAK has upgraded the internals of the AP6398S Wi-Fi module, and our latest firmwares already support both revisions (V12 and V13). For 3rd-party ROM and upstream Linux kernel developers, you may check the commits on our Khadas Github for further information.

New Inductor:

Inductance of the 5V DC-DC converter has been increased to a 3x3 package. This makes the maximum current 3.4A (whilst the previous current was only 2A).

Solved M2X Extension Board collision issue:

When removing the M2X Extension Board forcefully, an IC juxtaposed to the M2X connector was found to be liable to detachment. In V13, we have moved all ICs that were situated close to the M2x4 mounting holes someplace else on the board, so they no longer are in danger of rubbing against attached extension boards and other devices.

So when will VIM3 V13 be in stock?

At present, all VIM3 boards purchased from Khadas Shop, and AliExpress (remember tomorrow's 11:11 sale) are guaranteed to be V13. The new boards have actually been available since September, so most of our distributors should have received them by now as well; though you may want to call ahead to confirm.

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Tad Dugdale
Tad Dugdale
17 בדצמ׳ 2020

Yes, if you look at the first pic it says Vim3 V13.


is there any marking on the Board to distinguish the V13 version?

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