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Mind Graphics Update - #2

Updated: Apr 11

Hello Everyone,

We are delighted to present the latest developments in the Khadas Mind Graphics project. Over the past few weeks, we have been dedicated to the development of the first Engineering Validation Test (EVT) prototype of Khadas Mind Graphics. In this update, we will showcase the progress of our project, including the physical prototype, assembly process, performance tests, and a preview of key features. Please continue reading to discover our latest achievements and our commitments for the future.

Prototype Sample

We have taken a significant step forward in the Khadas Mind Graphics project and are proud to unveil our inaugural Engineering Validation Test (EVT) prototype. This marks a pivotal milestone, symbolizing our commitment to product quality and performance. Although this EVT prototype does not represent the final physical form of our product, it already embodies the high standards we have set for its appearance, structure, key features, and performance.

Assembly Process

In this process, we meticulously assemble the EVT prototype from its individual components, showcasing the team's technical prowess and exceptional craftsmanship. The selection and installation of every component are carefully considered to ensure product reliability and performance. Through this update, you will gain firsthand insight into the efforts we have invested in prototype manufacturing and our unwavering pursuit of quality. Hope you all enjoy the video below:

On-Machine Testing

In the ongoing development of the Khadas Mind Graphics project, we have conducted a series of rigorous on-machine tests to ensure the product's reliability and outstanding performance. These tests are a critical aspect of the project, helping us validate hardware and software compatibility and ensuring the stable operation of Khadas Mind Graphics across diverse usage scenarios. Through these tests, we gain in-depth insights into the product's performance limits, with the aim of providing users with an exceptional experience. In this update, we will provide an overview of some of our on-machine testing processes, showcasing our high standards and commitment to product quality.

A. Mind Graphics

B. Identification of the 4060Ti in Device Manager, Presence of Khadas Mind in HWinfo, and GPUMon Recognition of 4060Ti.

C. 3DMark Time Spy Benchmark Score

Features Showcase

A. Locking Mechanism

The Locking Mechanism is a crucial feature of Khadas Mind Graphics. It enables users to unlock the Graphics from the Mind even in situations of power loss, ensuring the safe removal of Graphics.

Additionally, in cases where power is forcibly interrupted, causing the Graphics to lock, it can be manually unlocked to separate it from the Mind main body. This feature offers both convenience and security, showcasing the innovative and user-friendly nature of the Locking Mechanism, a standout feature of Khadas Mind Graphics.

B. Graphics LED Light

The Graphics LED Light is another eye-catching feature of Khadas Mind Graphics. Users can choose from various lighting effects and colors to personalize their device's appearance, aligning it with their unique preferences. This feature not only enhances the device's aesthetics but also adds a touch of personalization.

C. Mind App Compatibility Recognition

In our quest to ensure Khadas Mind Graphics provides a seamless user experience, we are excited to announce the Mind App Compatibility Recognition feature. This innovation ensures that Mind App seamlessly integrates with your device, offering a user-friendly interface that optimizes the interaction between Mind Graphics and Mind App.

Mind App Compatibility Recognition enhances the overall usability and functionality of Khadas Mind Graphics, allowing users to harness the full potential of their device. With this feature, you can expect effortless and intuitive control, ensuring that the user experience remains at the forefront of our product's design.

As part of our commitment to delivering a user-centric product, we are dedicated to fine-tuning the interaction between Mind Graphics and Mind App. This compatibility recognition feature is a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide you with an intuitive, streamlined, and responsive experience when using Khadas Mind Graphics.

Schedule Update

A. Timely Delivery of EVT First Edition Prototype (Graphics Assembly Complete)

We are committed to delivering the EVT First Edition prototype on schedule and promptly informing the community and all Khadas enthusiasts. This commitment ensures the smooth progression of the project and keeps our development team and partners informed about the progress.

B. Upcoming Plans

To ensure the quality of our delivery, we will conduct a series of performance tests, including processor, graphics, and memory performance evaluations. These test results will showcase Khadas Mind Graphics' outstanding performance across various tasks, meeting users' demands for high-performance devices.

Additionally, we will pay close attention to the temperature and heat dissipation performance of Khadas Mind Graphics. Through extended operation with various applications and games, we aim to ensure the device maintains stable performance even under high loads, while keeping the temperature within a safe range.

Continuing our focus on software optimization, we not only optimize the hardware performance but also fine-tune the operating system of Khadas Mind Graphics to provide a seamless user experience while maximizing the hardware's capabilities.

We remain committed to transparency and actively welcome feedback and suggestions from our testing users, enabling us to continuously improve and enhance Khadas Mind Graphics.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for your support and interest in our products. The development of Mind Graphics would not be possible without your trust and support, and we will continue to work passionately to provide you with a satisfying product. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to future collaborations and sharing more exciting moments with you.

Challenge Forth!

Khadas Team

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3 commentaires

What about the Edge 3 (maybe with a Snapdragon)?


11 oct. 2023

Absolutely brilliant! As a former engineer for a big 3 manufacturer, I worked in many ODM's in China, you are indeed well on your way to a breakthrough product and I look forward to owning one. Love my Edge2.


11 oct. 2023

I'm stunned, and I say under the disclaimer of a person who is not into "motherboard & circuitry"-porn, but even as such, one can tell this is something worth of being appreciated. Congratulations to the Khadas team. Impressed on the awesomeness and the developement cycle being shared.

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