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Krescue Wi-Fi, VIM3 JP Telec & Community Updates

Dear Community,

We hope this blog post finds you well, here are the latest updates from Khadas!



Our latest version of Krescue supports downloading of OS installation images directly over Wi-Fi. This means that you will no longer need to hunt around for a LAN cable to install a new OS. Krescue now also supports the Edge and Edge-V SBCs, so our RK3399 community has finally been brought into the Krescue World!

We've also made a handy guide on using Krescue to install the very small and flexible OpenWRT operating system into your VIM SBC, to turn it into a turbo-charged Wi-Fi router. You can do all sorts of stuff, like setting up a VPN tunnel, or installing ad-block to block advertisements on your LAN.

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3D Models:

We've updated the 3d models for the New M2X Extension and Tone Board into our server, so you may use them for your own DIY projects!



Amazon Stocks:

Our products continue to remain in stock at both Amazon US and Amazon UK, so you can get them shipped to your home in one-day via Amazon Prime. Please note that our newest product, the Passive VIM Heatsink has not arrived at Amazon, and will ship from China.

Customers from other regions may still order from Amazon, however due to the distance, shipping could take longer than one-day.

One-Day Shipping:

> One-Day Shipping:


VIM3 Certifications:

Good news for our Khadas Distributors, VIM3 has scored two new certificates, FCC (USA) and Telec (Japan). Distributors may download the entire package from our server via the link below:



Community Happenings:

Here are the latest happenings from around our community. Thanks you guys, you know it is really you who makes Khadas come alive! :)



Have a good one!

Khadas Team

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