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Update: Kap Case / New VIM1 / 3705 Cooling Fan

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Good News Everyone!

Khadas Team will be building a customized Ubuntu LXDE ROM for the Kap Case, that will support the touchscreen and physical buttons. Software performance will be optimised for the RK3399 chip as well.

Early test video of Kap Case booting Ubuntu LXDE Bionic:

If you have an Edge, Captain and TS050 Touchscreen already, you can purchase just the Kap Case for $10 (includes fasteners) to put them all together. If you want to get the full-kit (unassembled), the current promotional price is $250.

> Kap Case at Khadas Shop

New VIM1 (v14)

We've also updated the original VIM1, swapping out parts that have reached end-of-life, and increased the DDR3 frequency to 912MHz.

This board has already been manufactured, and is ready for immediate shipping from Khadas Shop for the same price as the old VIM1 - $44.99 (Basic), $54.99 (Pro).

> New VIM1 v14 at Khadas Shop


  • Moved the VIN input to below the USB-C port, and changed the connector type.

  • Changed the programmable MCU to STM8S003.

  • Changed the LED colour from red to white.

  • Improved DDR3 frequency of 912MHz (original: 768MHz)


  • Added Khadas TST, for quick bootloader recovery.

  • Added 3705 Cooling Fan header.


  • ROMs and Software (Compatible with old and new VIM1)

  • Board Form Factor

3705 Cooling Fan Update:

We are terribly sorry for the long wait, especially to those who purchased the fan during our Indiegogo campaign. You will be delighted to know that all the fans are finally in-stock, and will be shipping out around 28th September!

Rest assured, the long wait was not intentional:

If you feel like reminding us about your shipment again, you can head over to this forum thread.

> Forum Thread

Notice: China National Day Holiday 2019

Due to the China National Holiday, our office will be closed from 30th September to 7th October. Our staff may also reply to you more slowly on Khadas Forums, and orders will not be shipped out during those 7 days. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for reading!

Khadas Team

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