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Tone2 Pro - Firmware 1.3

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Line-out volume adjustment, and other minor software improvements.

Hello Community!

We’ve just released the v1.30 firmware for your Tone2 Pro, you can download it from:


  • Added the pre-amp feature (when enabled, line-out volume is controlled by the volume knob)

  • Added LED indicator lights for pre-amp (3 green lights)

  • Added a feature in which the volume gradually increases from zero on startup

  • Fixed an issue in which the DSD format caused the input priority to revert to defaults

  • Fixed other minor software issues…

In a small number of cases, after you update the firmware the lights under the volume knob may flash green and your Tone2 Pro will be unresponsive. To fix this:

  1. Remove all USB-C cables (both USB and I2S ports)

  2. Reconnect only the USB-C (USB) port, whilst pressing and holding the volume knob

Updated User Manual:

We have uploaded the updated user manual to


How-to Update the XMOS Firmware to v1.30:


Download XMOS v1.30 Firmware for your Tone2 Pro:

Forum Discussion:

Tone2 Pro User Manual (EN):



Khadas Maker Team

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