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May 2024 – Update

Updated: May 13

Dear Khadas Community!

It’s been a while since our last update, and we know you're all doing well! This month of May contains some exciting news for the Khadas Mind, SBCs, and audio products. As always, these updates were created in response to your requests and feedback from the Khadas Community. We're glad to be of service to you! 

 What's New

  • FydeOS 

    • Available for Edge2 via OOWOW.

  • Innostudio offline showroom opening on June, 7th in CA, USA.

  • Limited-Time sale for audio product, up to $40 off.


Hardware Updates

  • Mind Graphics DVT is as scheduled. Shipment to our backers will start in June 2024.


Software Updates



We are excited to announce the release of FydeOS v18.0 tailored specifically for the incredibly popular single-board computer, Khadas Edge2. You are free to download it via the button below:

FydeOS is a versatile, cloud-driven operating system based on the open-source Chromium OS project. Designed for a wide range of devices, FydeOS delivers a fast, secure, and seamless computing experience by integrating the best of Chromium's features. It offers a modern user interface, excellent web browsing performance, support for Android apps, Linux applications, and regular updates to ensure you always have the latest security patches and features. FydeOS is an ideal choice for users seeking a powerful, lightweight OS with a focus on web-centric computing and compatibility with various hardware platforms.


Inno Studio

We're excited to announce our participation in the forthcoming Inno Studio Offline Showroom in California, USA. At our offline booth, we'll be showcasing our products, including launching new ones, and offering attendees exclusive opportunities through a lucky draw, as well as limited discount gift cards, and more.

If you're eager to experience Khadas Mind, Mind Graphics, and explore the rest of the Khadas lineup firsthand, don't miss out! Join us and stand a chance to win amazing gifts and souvenirs. 


Limited Sale 

As a token of our appreciation for your steadfast support over the years, we are delighted to announce a special, limited-time sale for all the Khadas Audio products this month. Utilize the codes provided below to enjoy savings of up to $40. 

Coupon information: 

Coupon Code

Discounted Products




$40 Off


Tone2 Pro

$40 Off


Tone2 & Tone2 Maker Kit

$20 Off

*Please apply the coupon code at checkout.  


Mind Graphics DVT is on Schedule

We're thrilled to share our newest advancements in the Khadas Mind Graphics project. Over the recent weeks, our focus has been firmly set on the mold manufacturing for the Design Verification Test (DVT) phase which we have successfully passed.  


We are confident in our ability to initiate mass production and ensure delivery of the items to you in June. Kindly keep an eye on your email inbox for communication from us within this month. We will collect and verify all shipping addresses once again to ensure the flawless delivery of your Mind Graphics. 


Mind Graphics is currently available for pre-order. This could be your final opportunity to secure it with a $100 discount. Don't let this chance slip away! 


Software Updates 


We've updated the App, EC, and BIOS for the Khadas Mind to the newest versions. Should you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, don't hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance. 


EC 1.01 Firmware Upgrade 


Latest features: 

1. Optimized EC upgrade experience for Mind. 

2. Optimized Mind’s fan speed for more efficient heat dissipation. 

3. Improved connection stability between Mind and the expansion modules. 



1. Please proceed with this upgrade based on EC v1.0. 

2. Do not power off or operate the computer during the upgrade. 

3. Save your computer files in advance. Please be patient during the upgrade. The computer will automatically restart when the upgrade is complete. 


Mind App 1.10  Upgrade 


Latest features:  

1. Added display of Mind’s remaining warranty period.  

2. Optimized the upgrade process for BIOS, EC, MCU, and Mind App.  

3. Release notes and precautions are visible now during the upgrade of BIOS, EC, MCU, and Mind App.  

4. Improved UI display.  

5. Added display of Mind’s battery status.  

6. Mind App now supports offline usage.  

7. Added "Do Not Disturb" mode for indicator lights on Mind Dock.  

8. Updated the icon of the Mind App.  

9. Optimized the firmware upgrade process and user experience.  

10. Other optimizations for the Mind App.  



1. Please proceed with this upgrade based on Mind App v1.01.  

2. Maintain network connection and power supply during the upgrade. 

3. Please be patient during the upgrade. Mind App will automatically restart your Mind when the upgrade is complete.  


BIOS v1.1 Upgrade 


Latest features: 

1. Optimized sound recording for Bluetooth headphones. 

2. exFAT USB can now function as boot disks (startup disks). 

3. Fixed problems with Type-C headphones and optimized the audio experience for Mind Dock. 



1. Please proceed with this upgrade based on BIOS v1.0. 

2. Do not power off or operate the computer during the upgrade. 

3. Save your computer files in advance. Please be patient during the upgrade. The computer will automatically restart when the upgrade is complete. 


Useful Links


Thank you for reading this blog update. As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum!


Khadas Team

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