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NPU Toolkit v6.4.0.10 for VIM3 / VIM3L Released!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Supports Amlogic A311D (VIM3) and S905D3 (VIM3L) SoCs

Thanks to the hard work from our team here at Khadas, we now have an updated version of our Amlogic NPU Toolkit for both the VIM3 (A311D) and VIM3L (S905D3).


  1. Supports more platforms (Pytroch and Keras).

  2. Updated Tensorflow version to v1.13. This means that you can use newer functions.

  3. Added an important document called "Supported_Layer_List_191125.pdf". You can check your graph to determine if there is an unsupported neural network layer.

  4. Support for more neural network layers.

You can download the toolkit from here:

In addition, our latest newsletter dated 13th May 2020 (GMT +8) also contains the direct download links for our tool-kit. If you had previously subscribed to or filled in the NPU form, you should have received this newsletter. Warmly,

Khadas Team

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