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Krescue - Take Control of Your VIM!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Krescue which stands for "Khadas Rescue", is an extremely small 21mb operating system that gives you full control over your Khadas VIM1/2/3/3L device!

Main Features:

  • Dump EMMC memory contents to an SD card, USB, LAN host.

  • Restore .img.gz into an EMMC on another device.

  • View device information.

  • Rescue shell for expert users.

  • Shell access via UART, USB network, and LAN network.

Steps to Boot Krescue:

  1. Download an appropriate image for your VIM1/2/3/3L device from

  2. Burn this image to an SD card, using rufus, dd or etcher.

  3. Plug in the SD card, USB-C power, and HDMI into your VIM device.

  4. Use Khadas TST to boot into MaskROM mode.

  5. Use an IR remote control to navigate the UI menus.

We hope this extremely tiny and convenient rescue operating system will give beginners and experts alike, a useful tool to backup and restore their EMMC, as well as take control of various features of their VIM board!

For more information, join our forum discussion.


Khadas Team

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Unknown member
Jan 31

The download link no longer exist.


Unknown member
Jan 12

Download link for Krescue not working

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