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Khadas VIM3 Steals the Show at CVPR 2024, Paving the Way for AI Development

Updated: Jul 3

On June 19th, the prestigious CVPR 2024 conference took place in Seattle, USA. This top-tier international event in computer vision brought together experts and research institutions from around the globe to share the latest advancements in computer vision and pattern recognition technologies. 


Showcasing Innovation with Khadas VIM3

At the conference, the OpenCV China development team from the Southern University of Science and Technology in China presented impressive demonstrations of facial and gesture recognition, all powered by the Khadas VIM3 platform. 

Boosting OpenCV DNN Module Performance 


Khadas has long enjoyed a strong partnership with OpenCV, and this collaboration was showcased 

brilliantly at CVPR 2024. The development team from the Southern University of Science and Technology leveraged the Khadas VIM3 NPU for hardware acceleration, significantly enhancing the accuracy and precision of facial recognition. Thanks to advanced gesture detection and recognition algorithms, users can interact seamlessly through simple gestures. 


Empowering AI Development with Khadas VIM3 


The Khadas VIM3, showcased at the event, boasts formidable hardware performance, drastically improving response speed and ensuring a smooth user experience. Its powerful computational capabilities and low latency make it the perfect hardware foundation for applications like visual recognition. As a high-performance embedded computing platform, the Khadas VIM3, with its robust processing power, efficient energy consumption, and strong expandability, stands out as the ideal choice for AI applications. 

A Glimpse into the Future 

The CVPR 2024 conference highlighted how Khadas VIM3 is revolutionizing AI development. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, the VIM3 platform is set to drive innovation and unlock new possibilities in the world of artificial intelligence. 


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Membre inconnu
12 juil.

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Membre inconnu
08 juil.

SSD expansion for specialized storage is made possible by Khadas Mind. The system sleeps when disconnected and quickly wakes up when it is plugged in again, facilitating seamless switching between usage scenarios and external modules. geometry dash world

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