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Khadas Blog | Encrypting Your VNC Sessions In Ubuntu 16.04

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

You may want to encrypt your VNC sessions to protect passwords and other sensitive information.

On Ubuntu 16.04, you can use the Remmina Remote Desktop Client, it has built-in SSH encryption.

Encrypting using Ubuntu is easy, simply click on the SSH tab in the Remote Desktop Preference pane, and add the following settings:

...inside Remmina Client...SSH tab...

- Enable SSH tunnel
- Tunnel via loopback address
- Same server at port 22
- Username: khadas
- Password

One thing to note! The VNC password and your SSH passwordcould be different! In the next article, I’ll show you how to change both passwords.

This is your password for the VNC4Server daemon, default: khadas.

Basically, your VNC server daemon has one password, and the SSH tunnel used for encryption has another password, that is the same as the account you’re using for your SSH tunnel.

This is your password for the SSH tunnel, which will be that of the user account you’re using for encryption.

However, if you’re using the defaults, then both the VNC password and the SSH password should be khadas.

...your default username is...


...your default password is...

You can also use other user accounts, just change the SSH password later.

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