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Khadas Edge - Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Khadas Edge - Indiegogo Launch Page

Hi Everyone!

After many months of preparation, our Indiegogo Campaign is finally live! We've already sent out the welcome email, and at the same time we are hearing reports of bounces / junk-mail, etc.

If you are an email subscriber and have not received your Secret-Perk-URL for the discount, do message us on Facebook or send an email to We can always send you the secret-perk link directly.

Highlights Of This Indiegogo Campaign

Pricing Tiers

Due to the large variety of accessories / SBC options available, we've done our best to reduce perk-clutter on the Indiegogo page. Both Edge, Edge-V and Edge-1S, have been combined into pricing tiers.

Here's how you can find what you're looking for: Basic Tier: Edge Basic, Edge-V Basic Pro Tier: Edge Pro, Edge-V Pro Max Tier: Edge Max, Edge-V Max, Edge-1S Pro

For example, if you click on "Standard - Edge Max Only", you will have the option to select "Edge Max", "Edge-V Max", or "Edge-1S Pro".

Early Bird Tiers

There are only 250 perks available for each Early Bird Tier, this applies to Edge (Basic/Pro/Max), Edge-V (Basic/Pro/Max) and Edge-1S (Pro).

Early Bird Tiers include free accessories when you purchase an SBC. Standard Tiers do not include accessories.

Early Bird Tiers will include a free Edge-IO & Edge-Heatsink when you select an Edge or Edge-1S, and Edge-V models will come with an additional "New VIMs Heatsink".

Where Are The Add-On Accessories?

To reduce perk-clutter on our Indiegogo page, we decided to hide the accessories. However, due to complaints about backers not being able to find the accessories, we've unhidden them, and you can now access them again.

Only SBC packages have $10 shipping applied, all add-on accessories have free shipping! This means that you can buy as many add-ons as you need.
You can now add the Captain or LCD Screen to your order. Accessories have FREE shipping!

Where is the Edge-1S Pro?

You can select the perk for the Edge-1S Pro, from either the "Standard - Edge Max Only" or "Early Bird - Edge Max + Acc." perks.

Look under the "Edge Max" perks for the Edge-1S Pro.

Edge-1S Developer Edition

If you are a business or OEM customer and want to quickly get a development board for RK3399Pro, you can back our "Developer Perk" to receive a prototype Edge-1S earlier than other backers!

Do note that this developer edition may contain some bugs. At the same time, if you're willing to take the plunge look for the "Featured Perk" at the top of the page.

Edge-1S Developer Package

Shipping Times & Pricing

Shipment out from China to Asia, should take no longer than 14 days from door to door. If you are in Europe or America, it could take up to 21 days. Other countries could be 30 to 45 days.

If you wish to use Express Shipping, you must add $15 USD to your order. For backers residing within China, we will add more accessories to offset your shipping cost. Add-On perks have free-shipping, so you can buy as many as you need. Only perks containing Edge, Edge-V or Edge-1S have a $10 shipping fee applied.
You will be able to track your packages from here:

I Can't Find What I Want, Your Perks Are Too Complicated

Backing via Indiegogo for the first time can be a harrowing experience, we know your feelings. If there is a special combination of products that you need, please let us know via Facebook,, or email (

We will be glad to create a special perk, just for you, that fits all your requirements, including the shipping fee.
Happy Backers!

Thank You

A big thank you for all you guys who have been waiting for so many months, and to our first few backers on Indiegogo!

Do remember that the perks and discounts will only be available during this campaign only, so do tell your friends, and back us today! :)

Click To Select Your Perk!

To Our First Backers!

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