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Introducing Khadas Edge-V | RK3399 SBC With VIM's Form Factor

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

PCB Layout of the Edge-V v10. An Edge board with VIM's Form Factor.
PCB layout of the Edge-V v10. An Edge board with VIM's Form Factor.

Hi Everyone!

So you may be wondering what's going on at Khadas HQ; well we're all really busy developing the Khadas Edge, and it's associated peripherals. We're keeping all of your feedback in mind, including the recent discussion on thermal dissipation. Just so you know we're always listening, here's some answers to the common questions that have cropped up so far:

Q: What is the Edge-V?

A: The Edge-V v10 is a VIM-form-factor board equipped with an RK3399 processor. It will be compatible with our current VIM Heatsink, Cooling Fan and DIY Case. This board will act as the development bridge between VIM2 and future Edge products, because the Edge software is also fully compatible with the Edge-V.

Q: How is the development of the Edge coming along?

A: At the moment, we're working on Edge v13, and the Edge-V v11. Each SBC that we develop has to go through multiple iterations to ensure quality and reliability - and this process takes time and effort. As you know, we only want the best for our users.

Q: When will the Edge samples be ready, when will they be sent out?

A: As part of our Forum Bonus Program, we're ready to send out 4 functional prototypes of the Edge v12 to the top 3 contributors on our forum by this coming Friday, the 14th of September, and 1 for people who share this blog post on Twitter with the hashtag #khadas_edge, and with the most retweets. We look forward to your contributions!

Q: Besides Edge, what other devices will be included in your Indiegogo Campaign?

A: Edge is meant to be both hackable and expandable, so it will come with lots of accessories. We're working on the camera, battery, Edge-heatsink, and LCD modules, in addition to the Captain carrier board. In addition, we have 2 stretch goals and 1 special product that will remain a secret for now.

Q: When will more prototype Edge SBCs be shipped out for developers/reviewers?

A: 10+ Edge-V v11 samples will be ready for sending out late-September. More Edge v13 and Captain samples will be ready around the same time as well. The Edge-V v11 board will have it's gesture sensor moved to the TP connector, and the TP connector would be put on the backside.

Q: When do you expect to launch the Indiegogo Campaign?

A: When we're ready and confident that our product has met the expectations of you guys! Our team is busy revising the Edge many times a month. We want to be sure that we will deliver a product that you will want to use.

Q: Why did you delay the campaign from end-Sept to mid-Oct?

A: We decided to delay the Indiegogo campaign because of Edge-V. Originally we had not planned to make the Edge-V. Instead the Edge was meant as an all-new-design. However, due to developer demand, the Edge-V is a bridging product, as it uses the same software as the Edge.

Q: Will there be any early bird discounts, special products during the Indiegogo Campaign?

A: Aha yes, we knew you'd want to hear about that! Well we're going to keep it a secret for now, and the only way to know about it is if you subscribe to our email newsletter - so do tell your friends to subscribe!

Q: How can I be involved in the Edge development process?

A: You're always welcome to tell us what you intend to use Edge for. In fact, the more you tell us your dreams, the more we can make products that will suit your projects and applications. Head over to our forum to tell us more

Peace Out,

Khadas Team

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