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Edge-V (v11) + New VIMs Heatsink

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

In this blog post, we'll show you Edge-V (v11), as well as the New VIMs Heatsink which is compatible with both the Edge-V (v11) and 3705 Cooling Fan.

Photographs of the Edge-V (v11)

What's the difference between Edge-V v11 and v10? Continue reading to find out more...

Top View:

  1. Cooling fan header has been changed from a 2-pin to a 4-pin header. It is now compatible with the 3705 Cooling Fan.

  2. The gesture sensor has been shifted down till it's next to the IR sensor. This means it will not be blocked by the New VIM's Heatsink.

Edge-V v11 & v10 Top-View Comparison

Bottom View:

  1. You'll notice that the TP connector is now on the backside of the v11. It is also the exact same distance from the DSI connector, just as it is on the Captain. This means you can conveniently connect LCD displays to the Edge-V, as well as the Captain Carrier Board.

  2. The eDP connector has been moved upward to make space for the TP-connector.

Edge-V v11 & v10 Bottom-View Comparison

Perspective View:

  • Immediately obvious is that we've replaced the GST5009M LF module with the significantly flatter Pulse H5120NL; It fulfils the same function, and at the same time allows us to mount the New VIM's Heatsink and 3705 Cooling Fan without obstruction.

Edge-V v11 & v10 Perspective Comparison


  • Moving the gesture sensor, TP connector, and shrinking the height of the GST5009M LF module allows us to make adequate space for the beefier New VIM's Heatsink and more powerful 3705 Cooling Fan.

Edge-V v11 + Heatsink + Cooling Fan


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