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April - Indiegogo Update

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hi Khadas Backers!

We know many of you have been asking us for updates on the production progress, so here it is again!

As stated on the forum thread, Edge-V v12 is in progress:

A surprise for all of you is the "Juice Board" for the Edge-V:

This board will allow you to connect your Edge-V directly to the Li-Po Battery! We've been having a tough time with the juice board, as battery boards are rather complex. However, we hope this will make our Edge-V even more versatile and capable!

Also in the photograph (right-hand-side), are the new moulds for the 3705 Cooling Fan, which comes in black, because black is cool. It comes with a silver metal shield (not gold, as previously photographed).

Above are schematics for the Edge v14 and Edge-V v13, which have already been sent for production during the start of this month. Final shipping schedules will be updated towards the end of April.

Sorry to keep all of you waiting, however quality is really important to Khadas; we want to do our best to ship a reliable product.

Thanks again for your support! Khadas Team

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