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Khadas Mind

Go Beyond Boundaries 
Mind Family and product ecosystem
Mind Studio Display and Mind xPlay as shown in the picture are concept sketches. The final product appearances and specifications will be subject to change.


Your Next-Gen Portable Workstation
Mind Mini PC

Mind Dock

I/O Expansion with Speakers
mind dock interface extension dock

Mind Graphics

External GPU with I/O Expansion & Speakers
Nvidia RTX4060 Ti Graphics GPU


Hi-Fi Mini Desktop DAC
Tone2 DAC

 Portable MagSafe DAC &

Headphone Amplifier


Khadas Tea attaching to iPhone

Khadas Audio App

The key to absolute mastery of your Khadas music devices.

Khadas Audio App


Rockchip RK3588S ARM PC with 6 Tops NPU & 8K Display
Rockchip RK3588S ARM PC
embedded service and BIOS

Install any operating system into your SBC in seconds!


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