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Khadas' original power adapter, first introduced when VIM1 launched. This adapter does not have USB Power Delivery (USB P.D), and cannot be use with Edge series SBCs. It can be used with VIM3, for light CPU workloads.



  • Black polycarbonate exterior
  • 10W, at 5V and 2A
  • CE & FCC certifications
  • Available in EU, US, UK versions


  • USB-C 2.0 Cable
  • VIM1/1S
  • VIM2
  • VIM3L
  • VIM3 (light workloads only!)
  • Edge(Supported, but not recommended. )
  • Edge-V(Supported, but not recommended. )
  • Edge2(Supported, but not recommended. )



  • Captain

10W Power Adapter

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