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The Khadas Edge2 IO Module is a GPIO break-out board for the Edge2 that expands the functions of Edge2 by connecting to the FPC connector on the underside. It incorporates a UHS-I SD card reader, a dual-channel infrared receiver, USB ports and more!



  • SD Card Reader (UHS-I)
  • 4-pin, 1.25mm pitch, detachable Crimp Connector (USB HOST)
  • 2-pin, 1.25mm pitch, detachable Crimp Connector (Analog Speaker Output)
  • 2-pin, 1.25mm pitch, detachable Crimp Connector (Analog Microphone Input)
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • IR Receiver (Dual Channel)


Expand I/O

  • 16-pin, 2.54mm pitch, GPIO Header (CPU: UART, ADC, SPI, I2C; MCU: SWDIO, SWCLK)
  • 10-pin, 2.54mm pitch, Pogo Pads (CPU: I2S, PWM, WPR_KEY; MCU: UART)



  • 52.2mm (l) / 66.7mm (with FPC) x 46.5mm (w) x 6.3mm (h)



  • Edge2




In The Box:

  • Edge2 IO Module x1
  • M2 screws(short) x2
  • M2 screws(long) x2

Edge2 IO Module

SKU: KIO-E-002
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