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Why the M2X Extension Board?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Why do Edge-V & VIM3/L need an extension board for SSD drives?

The M2X Extension Board is designed to mount vertically onto either the VIM3 or Edge-V SBCs, as indicated by the purple circles.

As seen in the first picture, an NVMe SSD mounts neatly into the footprint of the M2X Extension Board, as it is 88mm in width. This is indicated by the green outline.

In the second picture, that same NVMe SSD will not be able to fit into the footprint of either a VIM3/L or Edge-V SBC, as it is only 82mm in width. This is indicated by the green outline.

This is why we had to design an extension board to allow users to mount SSDs and other devices into the M.2 slot. Users who do not wish to purchase the M2X Extension Board, can instead choose to find a compatible PCI-E riser.

In addition, the VIM boards 82mm width makes it compatible with the popular (and cool-looking) DIY Case. This casing was designed for our SBCs before SSDs became prevalent and popular.

Warmly, Khadas Team

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