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Tone2 Pro - Bit Perfect Linux Audio

Join our Khadas Linux Expert, @hyphop, as he teaches you how to configure your Linux installation for bit-perfect audio playback with your Tone2 Pro or Tone1!

In this educational video, you will learn:

00:37​ Disable / remove PulseAudio for Linux

01:10​ Configure PulseAudio to ignore the Tone2 Pro

01:30​ Check if the kernel supports Native DSD

01:52​ Check Tone2 Pro's supported file formats and rates

02:05​ Introduction to MPD Player

02:30​ Install MPD Player

02:35​ Configure MPD Player

02:54​ Start MPD Player

03:01​ Play an internet radio stream

03:30​ Introduction to NCMPCPP

04:00​ Playback DSD, MQA, and PCM formats

If you have any questions technical or otherwise, please join our discussion over at Khadas Forum:

Linux Bit-Perfect Audio Discussion:

Khadas Tone2 Pro:


Khadas Team​

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