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Tone2 Pro - 3rd Batch Pre Order is Open!

Pre-Order the Tone2 Pro from Khadas Shop before stocks run out.

Dear Khadas Community,

The Tone2 Pro has released to great reviews about it's compactness, ultra-low noise background, and superb sound quality at an affordable price of $200 USD.

Reviewers have called it a unique, aurally pleasurable, fully featured DAC-AMP combo that contains everything you need in a small and convenient package.

Before Tone2 Pro goes out-of-stock again, secure your place by pre-ordering from Khadas Shop (ships early April) and bring the Tone2 Pro with you for your next music-filled holiday or road trip!


Soundcat to Distribute Tone2 Pro in South Korea:

We've just partnered up with Soundcat to distribute the Tone2 Pro in South Korea! So if you live in the land of beautiful K-Pop girls (and guys), you'll soon get to buy a Tone2 Pro and Balanced RCA to XLR-3 conversion cables without having to wait 2 weeks for shipping - 사랑해!

Soundcat is South Korea's #1 Pro Audio distributor, and they mainly serve the portable audiophile market. But they also sell directly to top K-Pop artists, broadcasting companies, studios, and houses of worship.


French Language Tone2 Pro User Manual:

Courtesy of the fine folks over at Audiophonics (another distributor of Khadas Audio Products such as the original Tone1), we now have a Tone2 Pro user manual translated into French - Je vous remercie!


Notable Tone2 Pro Reviews:

We've taken the liberty of combing through YouTube to make a compilation of the best, most detailed reviews of the Tone2 Pro's audio quality and hardware features. We hope you will enjoy watching these videos as much as we did!


"As a plain DAC that you plug in and use, its performance cannot be denied. So I am going to put it on my recommended list."

Watch AudioScienceReview's comprehensive technical review or read his written article.


"Khadas Tone2 Pro is a great DAC, it's very precise, it has lots of details, it has speed, it pinpoints and layers things greatly. It's headphone output is very good, but it cannot match the power and authority that a separate [amplifier] can give you. However as an all-in-one device, if you don't have especially demanding headphones or are a bass-head, it will do a fine job."

iiWi gave us an excellent score of 9.3/10, read his written review here.


"Just be prepared to have a revelation of cleanliness, transparency and detail. It could easily be the last unit you'll ever need with your sensitive IEMs, portable headphones and desktop dynamic headphones. At just $200 bucks, it deserves my highest praise and recommendation."

SoundNews.Net gives our Tone2 Pro the Gold Award! You can also read his detailed written review.


"The Khadas Tone2 Pro works in a lot of applications, its advantage is with the balanced circuit. Its a great little thing, its unique, and I really enjoy using it!"

In addition to the video, Dr. Schweinsgruber also wrote a comprehensive written review.


"I am absolutely not selling this, this is going into my little laptop bag, and come the end of covid-19 and quarantines, this will be my on-the-go [Tone2 Pro DAC]"

Zeos made a thoroughly entertaining video with his head-mounted camera.


"Sound [is] natural and well-balanced, but not going into the monitoring / clinical representation...almost flawless with sensitive headphones...I rarely say such things, but for me this device exceeds its price-range noticeably...and they've managed to create a black background. I don't know what to compare it with, it outperforms dongle DACs hands-down...and I really like this device."

Porta.Fi is enamored with our diminutive Tone2 Pro.


It is our pleasure to develop breakthrough performance products that push the envelope of what's possible for you and the Khadas Community.

Khadas: "Think different, be different, behave different, and make a difference."


Khadas Team

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کره گير چيست ؟ معرفي انواع کره گير هاي EIG

براي پاسخ کره گير چيست بايست گفت به دستگاهي گفته مي شود که با استفاده از نيروي گريز از مرکز چربي موجود در ماست يا شير را ميگيرد. بکردانه کره گير ها در اندازه ها و انواع

مختلفي توليد مي شوند که برخي از آنها براي استفاده در خانه، برخي از آنها براي استفاده در مغازه و برخي نيز براي استفاده در کارگاه هاي توليدي کوچک و بزرگ کاربرد دارند و اين موارد انواع کره گير را شکل ميدهد. اين محصولات در دو نوع کره گير بالازن و

کره گير پايين زن به بازار عرضه شده اند.


Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien
Apr 13, 2021

Bravo Khadas crew and engineers!

Do tell or give an update regarding the BT module progress.. mmkay?! I also is there viability to attach a slim touchscreen usbc monitor to give the gui a more robust feeling when adjusting settings. Could an external monitor let us make minute adjustments deeper than the vol./settings adjustment knob?

Keep up the good work



Yasin Eren Cakmak
Yasin Eren Cakmak
Apr 04, 2021

Hello, does the 3rd batch finally have the option to upgrade both XMOS and CO-Processor via USB? Thank you.

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