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Tone2 is Open-Sourced!

Dear Khadas Community! 


In 2021, a user on our forums asked when the Tone series would become open source. With a gracious heart, we would like to announce that both the Tone2 and Multichannel Audio Module are open source products! This update was created in response to requests and feedback from you. We’re glad to be of service to the Khadas Community!


Open Source Audio Products:

  • Tone2

  • Multichannel Audio Module

Our Open Source Vision:

  • Inspire user’s creativity and gather valuable feedback for product improvements.

  • Encourage more developers and creators to participate in making audio products.


Tone2, a Hi-Fi Mini Desktop DAC

Tone2’s Open-Source Documentation:

Tone2’s Compatible Accessories:

With the above documentation, Makers with industrial design capabilities can make their own custom enclosures for Tone2; those with software and hardware development capabilities can combine the Tone2 with their own products to increase the functionality and user experience. For example, the current Tone2 firmware doesn’t support audio out via the S/PDIF connector. Users can add this function with the provided documentation.


Multichannel Audio Module

Open-source materials include:

With the above documentation, Makers with relevant hardware/production experience can produce customized PCBAs; those with software and hardware development capabilities can integrate the Multi Channel Audio Module into their own products using the various existing interfaces and functions, to improve the overall functionality and user experience. For example, the Multi Channel Audio Module can be connected to a device with I2S output (not limited to Tone2) for decoding output, or more output channels can be added by combining multiple Multi Channel Audio Module.


Useful links


Thank you for reading this blog update! As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum!


Khadas Team

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