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October 2022 - Update

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Hello Khadas Community!

Thank you for a successful Launch Event! As a friendly reminder, the early bird discount for Edge2 and Tone2 will continue for 5 more days.

We have been asked many times about "when will my order be shipped?" And the answer is, we are shipping all pre-orders of Tone2 and BT Magic today! They are now availale in stock. In addition to the good news, we also have a development update for the long-awaited Edge2 ARM PC!

The month of October also features various new software releases for Khadas SBCs. They were produced based on feedback from our community, and we hope that you'll find them useful.


Tone2/BT Magic Shipping

We have started shipping out Tone2/BT Magic on October 24th and I believe you will be receiving the tracking number for your order very soon!

Only 5 days left to order a powerful Tone2 DAC and BT Magic at the early bird price!


Early Bird


Black/Dream Blue



Maker Kit



  • All prices are in $US dollars


Edge2 ARM PC

There have been a large number of customers who have pre-ordered the Edge2 ARM PC, and are asking about updates. We have fixed an issue with the Edge2 case to make it more user-friendly. Check the new design below:

Edge2 ARM PC = Edge2 Maker Kit + Edge2's Active Cooling Kit + Edge2 DIY Case

The Edge2 Maker Kit has been in stock since launch day and will be shipped in two days once your order is confirmed.

Early Bird Price

Our early bird discount will be valid from September 20th to October 31st.

Early Bird


​Edge2 ARM PC, Basic



​Edge2 ARM PC, Pro



​Edge2 Maker Kit, Basic



​Edge2 Maker Kit, Pro



  • All prices are in $US dollars

  • Edge2 Maker Kits ship within 2 days once the order is confirmed

  • Edge2 ARM PCs ship on or before mid December 2022


Edge2 I/O Update

Edge2 I/O is a GPIO break-out board for the Edge2. With Edge2 I/O, you'll be able to extend your Edge2 with an SD card slot, infrared remote control and more!


  • 16-Pin GPIO

  • Flexible FPC Ribbon (for a variety of mounting options)

  • Easy Debugging

  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

  • ESS DAC Chip Set


  • Edge2

We are going to release it in November. Please stay tuned!


Handmade Magnetic Case for Khadas Tea!

This case made by Miter is compatible with MagSafe for seamless attachment to the back of your iPhone and your Khadas Tea (Android users need a separate MagSafe-compatible phone case). It comes in a classic Navy or Black colour, and its sophisticated style perfectly matches your Khadas Tea. What’s more, Italian made synthetic PU leather gives you a very pleasant touch experience.


  • Manufacturer: Miter

  • Material: Italian made synthetic PU leather (outside)/Suede (inside)

  • Color: Navy / Black

  • Weight: 23.0 g

  • Dimensions: 99.2 * 73.0 * 4.5 mm

  • Compatibility: Khadas Tea


10cm USB-C to C/Lightning Cable for Khadas Tea

These two cables are specifically designed for Khadas Tea. The first is a 10cm USB-C to C cable, and the second is a 10cm USB-C to Lightning audio cable. Both cables support bit-perfect streaming of digital audio data. To maximize pocket-ability, each wire is soft and flexible and just 10cm in length, the perfect connection distance between your smartphone and Tea, so you can leave your other cables at home.

N.B.: Only the 10cm USB-C to C cable supports USB-C power delivery, the 10cm USB-C to Lightning audio cable does not.


Software Updates

Updates for VIM4:

1. Released Ubuntu V1.2-221018

1) Updated kernel to version 5.4.180

2) Fixed NVMe SSD stability issues

3) Added OS08A10 MIPI camera support

4) Added TS050 MIPI touchscreen support

5) Added HDMI+MIPI dual screen support (desktop only, console doesn’t support dual display)

6) Added RM500Q 5G module support

7) Fixed Wi-Fi latency issue

2. CoreELEC is available for VIM4. Users can install CoreELEC using OOWOW

The official version of Ubuntu firmware has been updated for Edge2 and VIM1S. Basic functions are supported.


Useful Links


Thank you for reading this blog update! As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum!


Khadas Team

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