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May 2023 - Update

Hello Khadas Community!

This month of May contains new software and hardware releases for our Khadas single board computers. As always, these updates were created in response to requests and feedback from the Khadas Community. We're glad to be of service to you!



  • New VIM4 w/ 3.2 TOPS NPU Released

  • IMX 415 camera is Coming in June



openFyde is supported officially on Khadas Edge2

FydeOS is a cloud-based operating system built upon the open-source Chromium OS project. It is primarily focused on providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for web browsing, web apps, and cloud-based computing. It also offers support for Android apps, enabling users to run popular mobile apps on their devices. Khadas Edge2 is now on the supported hardware list of openFyde. And users can easily install it using OOWOW. Check the video below to learn how to install openFyde on a Khadas Edge2:

DarkevilPT - One of the users on Khadas Forum, shared us with a detailed guide on using openFyde with Edge2. Thank you for your contributions!


Windows11 on Edge2

We are super excited to annouce that the Windows11 on ARM will be available for Khadas Egde2 in June. Many thanks to Mario Bălănică - the owner of WOR project, for his efforts on making Windows11 on Edge2 possible.

We will release a detailed tutorial on how to install Windows11 on Edge2 on Khadas Forum. Please stay tuned!


New VIM4 with 3.2 Tops NPU released

The original VIM4 is already one of our best sellers. And we're proud to bring the new VIM4 with NPU to market, and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself. Compared to the original VIM4 released last year, the new VIM4 features a built-in 3.2 TOPS NPU.

At the same time, we are excited to annouce that the original VIM4 will have a $20 reduction in price, and that the new VIM4 will remain at the current price point.

Check the price table of VIM4 below:




USD 199.9

VIM4 Active Cooling Kit

USD 219.9

VIM4 with NPU

USD 219.90

VIM4 Active Cooling Kit with NPU

USD 239.90

Please Note: 1. The original VIM4 without an NPU will be discontinued, and will be delisted from our online stores once stock runs out. 2. We will offer a $20 discount coupon to customers who had purchased the original VIM4 in May 2023 from If you have any questions, please contact


IMX 415 camera is coming in June

We are going to release a brand new addon - IMX 415 camera in early June.

Key features of the IMX 415 camera:

  • 8MP pixels

  • Auto focus

  • Wide angle

  • HDR supported


  • VIM4

  • VIM3

  • Edge2

Learn more about the two cameras we have already released:

Subscirbe below for the latest information.


Pubulished new VIM4 Android 11 64bit image


  • Add Bluetooth microphone support

  • Compatible with old TS050 and new TS050

  • The power-key of the Khadas IR remote can now be used to power on/off the system

  • Enabled Wi-Fi STA and AP co-existence modes

  • HDMI-In can function as a camera input interface

  • Added IMX415 camera support

  • Camera icon remains present with or without an attached camera

  • Adjusting the timeout setting will now have an effect on the system

  • Upon timeout, the system will go to sleep instead of displaying the clock-screensaver

  • Changed the I2C tool binary

  • Added the "Documents UI" app

  • Merged r_amlogic_t7_20221221_64_bit version code


Useful links


Thank you for reading this blog update! As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum!


Khadas Team

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