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July 2021 - Update

Hello Community!

The month of July features various new software releases for Khadas SBCs. They were produced based on feedback from our community, and we hope that you’ll find them useful.

  • Android: NPU Demo App for VIM3/3L

  • Android R(11): V210604 for VIM3

  • NPU: Tengine v14 release (EN) for VIM3/3L

For distributors and retail customers, please note:

  • Tone2 Pro: updated retail price of US$249.9


Android NPU Demo App

This is a pre-compiled demo app for your VIM3/3L's NPU (neural processing unit), and it will help you to quickly understand the basic capabilities of your Khadas SBC. Please note that this app was developed based on the NPU SDK, so the Android OS of your VIM3/3L needs to be updated to the latest version before you can run the app.

Download the pre-compiled NPU APK:

Latest Android OS (by device):

Download the APK’s source code:

Download the NPU’s JNI code:

Android NPU demo guide:

How to use the Android NPU JNI:

Forum Discussion Thread:


VIM3 Android R(11) V210604 Preview ROM

A preview ROM for Android R (version 11) has been released for the Khadas VIM3. You may use the MD5 checksum to verify the integrity of the files that you’ve downloaded. To install the ROM into your VIM3’s eMMC, you’ll need some flashing tools.

Please note that Android 11 is still a work-in-progress, and we’ll commit the upstream patches to the Google Android AOSP together with the Baylibre Team. For developers who want to try out Android 12, you can download the latest Android source code from the Google AOSP website and build it yourself!

ROM Information:

  • Version - VIM3_R_AOSP_V210604

  • MD5SUM - d90277edfec90597d89af9046b606bab

  • Media Type - eMMC

Flashing Tool Information:

  • MD5SUM - 54d8e791092206e455892b035530bebd

  • OS Compatibility - Windows

Upgrade Guidance:

  • Linux Users - Forum Thread

  • Windows Users -

  • Run set_path.bat as administrator (just once)

  • Run flash_vim3.bat

Download the VIM3 Android R(11) V210604 Preview ROM:

Download the Windows Flashing Tools:

Build your own firmware (Google AOSP Documentation):

Forum Discussion Thread:


NPU: Tengine v14 Release (English)

Tengine SDK is used to convert a trained model into the tengine model that can be run on the NPU. We have since updated Tengine v12 to v14.



Tengine Official Documentation:

Forum Discussion Thread:


Tone2 Pro’s Updated Retail Price:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce an increase in the Tone2 Pro’s retail price, due to the global silicon chip shortage. The price will be raised from US$199.9 to US$249.9.

The increase in price for both distributors and retailers will begin from the launch of our as-of-yet unannounced new product, which shall remain a mystery for now.

Price Change:

  • Old: US$199.90

  • New: US$249.90

  • Time: to be announced

Tone2 Pro Homepage:


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Khadas Maker Team

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