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Indiegogo Update #3

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Our campaign has finally ended after 60 days, and we're thrilled to have hit $20,855 USD in funding. Sure it's not that much, however its our first time on Indiegogo, so we'll consider this to be a learning experience!

By now you guys are wondering how the development and manufacturing is coming along, so today we're going to share an update on our progress for the Edge, Edge-V, Captain, and the other accessories.

Timeline Status:

End of February (Before CNY):

  • Edge-V v12

  • Battery Module

  • 24W USB-C Adapter

  • New VIMs Heatsink

Edge-V v12 PCB layout (End February Manufacturing)
Edge-V v12 PCB layout (End February Manufacturing)

New VIM Heatsink (End February Manufacturing)
New VIM Heatsink (End February Manufacturing)

Development progression of the VIM's Heatsink.
Development progression of the VIM's Heatsink.

The "New VIM Heatsink" which will begin manufacturing in February, is stacked up on the left and is compatible with the Edge-V. Due to popular demand on our forum, we've added the center mounting M2 holes into the final version!

Middle of March (After CNY):

  • Edge v14

  • Captain v12

  • IMX214 Camera

  • Edge-IO

  • Edge Heatsink

  • 3705 Cooling Fan

Detailed Timeline:

The timeline is actually more detailed than this blog post allows, so we'll just post some photographs of our Asana.

Edge-V Timeline.
Edge-V Timeline.

Edge Timeline.
Edge Timeline.

Hardware Status:

PCB (which versions we are at):

  • Edge: v14

  • Captain: v12

  • Edge-V: v12

Small Production (completed trial manufacturing runs):

  • Edge V13: 60PCS

  • Captain v11: 30PCS

  • Edge-V v11: 60PCS

  • Edge-IO v13: 100PCS


  • TS050 LCD Screen Module: Ordered

  • Battery Module: Ordered

  • Khadas 24W USB-C Adapter: Ordered

  • Edge Heatsink: Molding Finished

  • New VIMs Heatsink: Molding Finished

  • IMX214 Camera: Prototype Complete

  • 3705 Cooling Fan: Molding In Progress

Software Status:





Edge to Edge-V Swap Requests:

For those who wish to swap their Edge SBC for an Edge-V SBC, please fill up this Google Form to let us know! (Most likely you want to do this in order to receive your perk earlier).


Edge-1S planning is still in development, and will be updated in a couple of days. Warmly,

Khadas Team

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