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Indiegogo Update #2

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hi Everyone!

It is now Day 4 of our Indiegogo Campaign! There's been a lot of discussion about the Edge-1S, and some confusion on where to find it in our perk-list.

Because of this, we've created an entirely new "featured perk" that has just the Edge-1S Pro (Basic and Max versions of the Edge-1S are not part of this campaign).

What's The Difference?

(1) The "Edge-1S Early Bird" featured perk is the safer and cheaper $199 perk option for the "Edge-1S Pro", the RK3399PRO SBC, however it will ship later in End April 2019. Time is required to work out both hardware and software bugs. It comes with 2 free accessories, the (1) Edge-IO and (2) Edge-Heatsink.

(2) The riskier prototype-version "Edge-1S Developer" is more expensive at $299, however it will ship earlier in End January 2019. It comes bundled with more accessories, (1) Captain, (2) Edge-IO, (3) USB-C 24W Adapter + 1m Cable, (4) Edge Heatsink, (5) 3705 Cooling Fan. The Developer version is meant for ODM Companies and Developers to get their hands on a developer board early, in order to kickstart their projects. SBC Reviewers who want an early sample of the board could back this too.

Gouwa Demos The RK3399Pro SoC

In the video below, you can watch Gouwa demo 2 main product features of the RK3399Pro SoC. (1) Object Detection, and the second is (2) Posture Detection. The SoC does produce a lot of heat, so a heatsink is definitely recommended.

Thanks everyone for supporting us so far, and we look forward to building these wonderful new boards for you, so that you can achieve your dreams faster and back us on Indiegogo!

Warmly, Khadas Team

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