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Indiegogo - Edge Progress Update

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Summary of our progress thus far!

Hi Everyone!

Many of you must be wondering why we haven't launched yet, despite it being October 15th! Our main goal with this campaign is to launch with Edge as ready-as-possible, so we're continuing to do small production runs, testing, and continuing to collect feedback. Above you'll see a video of the Edge's rear-side SMT mounting at the factory!

The Edge Family. We're still missing the NextC casing for Edge though.

NextC Case for Edge (RK3399) and Edge 1S (RK3399Pro)

Here is the NextC case for the Edge SBC! It looks cool doesn't it? Currently still in the prototyping phase, we should have a CNC-machined version of it sometime in the next few days. Below are some renders / pictures for your enjoyment.

3D render of the NextC case for Edge and Edge 1S (RK3399Pro)

Our designer's assistant spent several painstaking hours getting that render to look perfect. She's quite amazing, and very determined!

Early concept drawings from our designer.

These drawings were actually done on a Samsung tablet. No paper was injured in the process of designing the NextC case.

Dimensions of the NextC case. It's slimmer than the DIY case!

Final 3D designs / 2D drawing outputs. These have been sent for machining, so we will get a true-to-life prototype in our hands soon.

Gouwa talking to our designer over some coffee and 3d printed thing-a-majics.

You can clearly see the DIY case on the lower-left, and a 3d printed model of the NextC case on the upper-right. The NextC case is *half* the thickness of the DIY case.

Edge Heatsink & Fan

The NextC case will come with a ultra-quiet Japanese cooling fan, and it also has a taller heatsink. If you're observant, you'll notice that the Edge heatsink has taller fins than the VIM heatsink. We're still running thermal performance tests, hopefully we can share them with you soon!

Cooling fan & heat sink securely mounted onto the Edge.

Remember this YouTube video, yes? The only thing you'll hear is the air-noise, whooshing through; fan noise is non-existent (to my ears at least). We dislike fan noise as much as you do, so we hope we've got this issue completely solved now.

Khadas Captain V11, Gestures + M.2 Slot (NVMe SSD) + Li-Po Battery

Okay some new awesome photographs of the Khadas Captain board. Remember it's supposed to be a companion board to the Edge and Edge-1S, right?

Khadas Captain with Edge, Li-Po Battery and NVMe SSD connected.

It has an M.2 slot (PCI-E) so you can plug an SSD to it, a gesture sensor for advanced HCI (human computer interface), and a built-in charging circuit for a Li-Po battery - fans of gaming rejoice!

APDS-9960 Advanced Gesture Detection Module.

Dual Cameras For Edge-V and Captain

Both Edge-V and Captain will be able to connect to dual 13 MegaPixel cameras for stereoscopic vision. This will be useful for facial recognition, machine vision, augmented reality, etc.

We've designed 2 slots for 2 cameras into Edge V + Captain

Accessory Recap

Okay so we're almost to the end of this blog post, just a quick photograph to recap all the accessories we have on hand so far:

Again, we're missing the NextC casing, mostly everything else is there though.
  1. NextC Casing

  2. Captain Carrier Board

  3. LCD Touchscreen

  4. Edge IO (GPIO extension board for Edge)

  5. 13 MegaPixel Camera

  6. Lithium Polymer Battery

  7. Edge Heatsink

  8. Edge Cooling Fan

We should add specifications for all these accessories into our homepage soon.

So Much Power...In So Little Space

Remember, all this stuff is being fitted to a single board computer, that's no bigger than a credit card. Really amazing!

Don't worry, the credit card isn't real.

What You Can Do To Help

We've got our pre-launch page setup on, do help us spread the word to tell more Makers, Hackers and Developers about the Edge and to come and support our campaign by entering their email address.

Khadas Edge pre-launch page on

Here's the pre-launch link ( to share on social media, you can use the hashtag #khadas_edge on Facebook and Twitter, and our social media guy will take notice!

Additionally, if you have any feedback, you can contact us at or use any of the forms on the page. Thank you for your attention, and lets make this project a success!

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