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The Khadas RTC battery is an "Energizer CR1220" button battery attached to a 60mm long pigtail with JST female connector (1mm pitch). Simply plug-and-play with a VIM3/3L/2/1, Edge-V or Captain board.


The battery can be securely pasted to the board with the 3M adhesive pad (already attached). See the pictures for usage information and important specifications.


This RTC battery will keep the SBC's Real-Time-Clock powered and counting even when USB-C power is unavailable.



  • Model - Energizer No. CR1220
  • Designation - ANSI / NEDA-5012LC, IEC-CR1220



  • Chemical System - Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
  • Battery Voltage - 3V (volts)
  • Charge Current - 1uA (microamperes)
  • Capacity - 40mAh to 2.0V, 45k ohms at 21C (degrees celsius)
  • Energy Density - 153 milliwatt hr/g, 464 milliwatt hr/cc
  • Typical Lifespan - 2.85V to 2.90V for 600 hours at 21C (Simulated Test)



  • Diameter - 12.50mm
  • Thickness - 2.00mm
  • Cable Length - 60.0mm



  • Type - JST Female (1mm Pitch)



  • VIM4
  • VIM3/3L
  • VIM2
  • VIM1
  • VIM1S
  • Edge-V
  • Captain



  • Datasheet
  • Press-Kit



  • Underwriters Laboratories component recognition


In The Box:

  • RTC Battery (w/ 3M adhesive pad attached)

RTC Battery

SKU: K-BT-002
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