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Founded in 2016, Khadas’ journey began with a deep-seated passion for nurturing creativity. We take pride in our global reputation for delivering space-saving, easy-to-use, modular, and expandable products. We aim to allow our users to create bespoke digital experiences, enabling each of them to achieve their own unique dreams. We recognize that everyone's style is unique and believe that electronic devices should be as flexible and adaptable as their users.

Our initial foray into the single-board computer (SBC) market proved to be just the beginning. Our offerings now range from high-end audio solutions to cutting-edge modular PCs.

Our portfolio includes: 
  • Mind Series: Ultra-compact modular PCs that can be customized with a full array of expansion modules, including but not limited to an eGPU and portable display.

  • Maker Series: High-caliber SBCs recognized in the Maker community for delivering creativity-inspiring and cost-effective solutions across a range of industries and markets.

  • Music Series: High-fidelity DACs and headphone amplifiers, known for their superior quality, sleek design, and revolutionary technology like Balanced RCA.

In addition to our thoughtfully designed hardware, Khadas enhances our user experience by providing continuous software updates and support for all our products, both old and new.

our mission


考えを変え、行動を変え、違いを生み、違いを生み出します。 Khadasは優れた開発 メーカー、開発者、いじくり回す人のための高品質で高性能なシングルボードコンピューター オープンソース、専門的な技術サポート、および 問題の議論とアイデアの共有のためのグローバルコミュニティ。 KhadasはMakerコミュニティを支援することを目指しています 彼らのアイデアと夢を段階的に達成することによって成長します。

our history


mind graphics&mind.jpg
Mind Graphics 


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