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Hi-Fi Mini Desktop DAC



Balanced RCA



Bluetooth Extension.png

Bluetooth Extension


DSD 512 (Native)

Tone2 Maker Kit.png

Tone2 Maker Kit


PCM 768KHz

HID Volume.png

HID Volume

High Fidelity Audio

Tone2 utilizes the powerful XMOS XU208 processor with 8 cores & 8 threads for high performance bit-perfect decoding. Decode up to 768KHz PCM and DSD 512 (Native) audio files and enjoy digital master quality audio.


High Performance ESS DAC

Tone2 has been engineered for audio perfection. The powerful ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip is paired with two TI OPA1612 operational amplifiers and two Ricore RT6862 operational amplifiers. 


Solid Foundation
for a Low Noise Floor

A pair of low noise LDOs manufactured by ADI supplies power to the operational amplifiers. The DAC's analog output reference supply is channeled through ultra-low noise (1.2uVrms) LDO ES9311Q, with low loss, low temperature drift, and long life film capacitors to ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, effectively controlling the noise from the  original stage.


Precise Clock Management

Various audio components are carefully arranged on Tone2’s PCB layout. Two Accusilicon AS318-L series, active crystal oscillators with low phase noise and low jitter and one SiTime SiT8209 high performance active crystal oscillator at 100M enhance the low noise characteristics. The phase jitter is controlled within 0.5ps and the frequency drift is only ±10PPM. This ensures that the time interval of each sample is more stable, so that the analog audio signal can be returned more clearly. 


Accurate Reproduction

The analog IV and LPF circuits use two high-performance TI OPA1612 operational amplifiers and two Ricore RT1238 operational amplifiers, with 28 high-precision resistors at an accuracy of 0.1% and a low temperature drift of ±25PPM. This provides an accurate and stable RCA output.


Selecting Power Supply

Tone2 is powered by USB-C (USB) or I2S (Linear Power Supply), with a power path management chip from Texas Instruments. Power selection is easy.

power suply.png

* Linear power supplies require a Khadas-designed USB-C cable, which will be available soon.

Multiple Input/Output Methods

Tone2 has multiple I/O interfaces on its compact chassis. 

Input: USB, S/PDIF, Bluetooth (w/ BT Magic)
Output: Balanced RCA, Single-end RCA

With Tone2, you will have the freedom to switch between a variety of audio input and output sources easily.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N):

Balanced RCA: -118dB
Single-end RCA: -116dB

Maximum DAC Line-Output:

Balanced RCA: 4Vrms@200KΩ
Single-end RCA: 2Vrms@100KΩ


Patented Balanced RCA

Khadas Balanced RCA is a new connector standard designed by Khadas with a 3-pin audio interface (positive / negative / ground). All metal contacts are gold-plated. Using a Khadas "Balanced RCA Male to XLR-3 Male Hi-Fi Audio Cable", Tone2 Pro is able to output balanced audio to legacy XLR-3 equipment.

Ground (Zero)

 Cold Line (Negative)

Hot Line (Positive)


BT Magic

BT Magic is a Hi-Fi Bluetooth audio receiver module exclusively engineered by Khadas for the Tone2 series. Experience consistent and interference-free wireless audio, simply plug the module into Tone2’s USB (I2S) port.

Tone2&BT Magic.png

Intuitive UX

The RGB light indicates the Bluetooth connection status and encoding format.

Blue LED.png



Blue (Flashing)

Light Blue LED.png

aptX / aptX LL

Turquoise (Breathing)

Blue LED.png



Blue (Breathing)

Purple LED.png

aptX HD

Purple (Breathing)

Yellow LED.png


Yellow (Breathing)

White LED.png


White (Breathing)

Green LED.png


Green (Breathing)

White LED.png

Paring Record

White ((Triple Flash)

Tone2 Maker Kit

More Possibilities for Audiophiles, DIYers & OEM Customers

The Tone2 Maker Kit supports both Makers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. An MQA-licensed Tone2 DAC is available for OEM customers who wish to use Tone2 in retail products.

The analog circuits of the Tone2 Maker Kit are protected by a shield to block external electromagnetic interference, ensuring a consistent listening experience.

Tone2 Maker Kit_without  shield.png

Versatile Expansion

The Tone2 Maker Kit provides our customers with a range of expansion and connectivity options. For example, an external power supply can be attached to the 4-pin 1.2mm VIN input, and OEM clients will have more options such as customized MQA decoding functions.

Tone2 Maker Kit is also competible with Khadas single board computers:

40-pin 2.54mm GPIO Connector:


14-pin 0.5mm FPC Connector:



 * Only the Tone2 Maker Kit includes additional I/O access via FPC/VIN headers integrated into the PCBA

BT Magic
Tone2 Maker Kit



Audio Architecture

Audio Architecture.png

Performance Parameters

Frequency Respond:

RCA Balanced:±0.2dB(20Hz~20KHz)

RCA Single End:±0.2dB(20Hz~20KHz)

Supported Sampling Rate:

RCA Balanced:119dB

RCA Single End:118dB

USB Input:PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768KHz

                       DSD Native DSD64-DSD512


Coaxial Input:PCM 16-24bit/44.1-192KHz


User Manual

USB Driver



Why does Windows require the Khadas USB driver?

The Khadas USB driver provides ASIO support and removes the latency and sample rate conversion issue experienced with the default Windows USB driver for DACs.

What is balanced-RCA?

A new balanced audio connector standard, designed by Khadas for small form-factor desktop DACs. It is backwards compatible with standard RCA plugs and cables, more details visit

How do I use my existing XLR-3 equipment with Balanced-RCA?

Purchase the Khadas Balanced-RCA to XLR-3 adapter, it is a male Balanced-RCA plug connected to a male XLR-3 plug.

How do I adjust the HID (system) volume using the volume knob?

When Tone2 is not at or above maximum volume, turning the volume knob clockwise will increase the device’s hardware volume. Once Tone2 is at maximum volume, continuing to turn the knob clockwise will cause the RGB indicator to flash turquoise 3 times. Continuing to turn the knob clockwise after this point will instead increase the HID (system) volume of your PC.

Multiple Options

Tone2 will come in 2 colors ‘Black’ and ‘Dream Blue’, and it will also be available as a ‘Maker Kit’.  

See the differences below:



Black & Dream Blue


x1 USB-C 2.0

x1 USB-C (I2S)

x1 Balanced RCA (orange) coaxial input

x1 Balanced RCA (white) left channel line OUT

x1 Balanced RCA (red) right channel line OUT

I/O :

N/A (other I/O will be blocked by the shield case)

Dimension :

17.00mm(H) x 88.00mm(W) x 61.5mm(L)/ 68.0mm(with RCA)

Tone2 Maker Kit_top.png
Tone2 Maker Kit




x1 USB 2.0

x1 USB-C (I2S)

x1 Balanced RCA (orange) coaxial input

x1 Balanced RCA (white) left channel line OUT

x1 Balanced RCA (red) right channel line OUT


x1 30-Pin 0.5mm FPC 

x1 40-Pin 2.54mm header (USB2.0, GPIO I2S, UART, Power)

x1 14-Pin 0.5mm FPC

x1 4-Pin 1.2mm VIN Input (4.8~14V)

×1 14-Pin 0.5mm FPC (Power, USB2.0)

Dimension :

12.70mm (H) x 82.00mm(L) x 56.00mm(W) /65mm(with RCA)


Expand the capabilities of your Tone2.
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