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Tone2 Pro - High Resolution Bluetooth Support & Balanced RCA Plug

Our third installment of Tone2 Pro news!

High Resolution Bluetooth Support

There were questions from the community for high-res Bluetooth support for the Tone2 Pro. As you know, the device is clad in an aluminum shell which blocks radio frequencies. This necessitates an external Bluetooth module that plugs into the USB-C (I2S) jack.

BT Module Specifications:

Name: BT Magic

Function: High Resolution Bluetooth Receiver

Codecs: aptX HD, LDAC

SoC: Qualcomm QCC5125

USB-C (I2S) Connector Layout:

As to be expected with many other common audio products, our USB-C (I2S) jack’s pin-layout is non-standard. It is designed to function only with our custom high-resolution Bluetooth module.

I2S Bus: Audio

UART: Data

PWR_EXT: Power

You may refer to the schematic above for more details.
You may refer to the schematic above for more details.

The Bluetooth module is currently in the prototyping stage, and feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome at For example, you may be wondering why the module is L-shaped, and this is because due to our custom pin-layout this USB-C plug is non-reversible.

Balanced RCA Plug:

In a previous newsletter, we let you take a peek at the “balanced RCA jack”. This time we want to show you it’s counterpart - the “balanced RCA plug”. These photos show the size of both the plug and jack relative to a pair of headphones.

As you can see, the plug has three layers...the outer layer (ground), the middle layer (negative), and the center probe (positive). The diagram shows it’s detailed structure:

Imminent Price Increase:

Tone2 Pro will be launching on the 16th of December, and the pre-order price will convert into the higher retail price of $199.90 in two stages. Only those who have registered before the 16th, will receive the special link to purchase at the pre-order price.

Now till 2020-12-17: $169.90

2020-12-18 till 2021-01-02: $179.90

2021-01-03 till forever: $199.90

If you haven’t registered your name and email yet, to receive the pre-order price link, you may do so on the Tone2 Pro page:


Khadas Team

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