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Khadas Shop - Pre Order Edge, Edge-V & New VIM2 v1.4

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Our Khadas Shop has been updated with a new-look! And as you've requested, we've added the Edge, Edge-V + accessories up for pre-order too! We estimate that our Edge products should be ready to ship by March 2019.

Also due to be released next month is the "New VIM2 SBC", version 1.4. This new VIM2 is designed to work with the "New VIM Heatsink" and "3705 Cooling Fan" to provide a more efficient and quieter cooling solution.

In v1.4, hot air is ejected from the casing via the button-holes, rather than bouncing off the side wall in v1.1-v1.2. This results in faster airflow with less re-circulation, so hot air is not trapped within the casing.

The lower temperatures allow the fan to run slower, and therefore produce less noise. Do note that at maximum speed, even though the fan motor itself is noiseless, you will definitely be able to hear the air as it buffets against the heatsink fins.

For users who are worried about the ROM support, all images that you download from will be compatible with both v1.2 and v1.4. The ROM can identify the SBC via its Version ID.

To see all changes between v1.2 and v1.4, read this PDF Guide.

Thanks for your support, we hope to bring you more amazing products this year!

Khadas Team

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