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June 2023 - Update

Hello Khadas Community!

This month of June contains new software and hardware releases for our Khadas single board computers and Khadas Tea. As always, these updates were created in response to requests and feedback from the Khadas Community. We're glad to be of service to you!





BredOS is officially supported on Khadas Edge2

BredOS is an open-source operating system designed to provide a stable, secure, and feature-rich computing platform. It aims to offer a customizable and flexible environment for users to run various applications and perform computing tasks.

As an open-source project, BredOS encourages community collaboration and contributions, allowing developers to modify and enhance the system according to their specific needs. This approach fosters innovation, knowledge sharing, and the continuous improvement of the operating system. For detailed information about BredOS, please refer to their website:

Khadas Edge2 is now on the supported hardware list of BredOS. And users can easily install it using OOWOW.

Downloading the OS here:


New 5.15 kernel for VIM4, VIM3 and VIM3L is coming soon

We are super excited to annouce that the 5.15 kernel is going to be available on VIM4, VIM3 and VIM3L. Please stay tuned!


New User Guide video for Khadas Tea

Learn how to unbox, pair and use your Khadas Tea with our latest video guide!


IMX 415 camera is now available

Need a camera for your Khadas Edge2? Now here it comes!


  • Image Sensor Sony IMX415

  • Pixels 8.29 million ( 3840 x 2160 )

  • Maximum Frame Rate 60fps with 12-bit Raw RGB

  • 90fps with 10-bit Raw RGB

  • Pixel Size 1.45 x 1.45µm

  • VCM Driver IC DW9714

  • HDR Yes


  • Optical Form 1/2.8"

  • View Angle D:118.8° H:109.9° V:74.6°

  • Distortion <-3.6%

  • Focal Length 2.02mm

  • Aperture F/2.4

  • Auto Focus Yes



Pubulished vim4-android-11-64bit-v230621 image


  • LCD: modify the refresh rate of TS050 screen from 47 to 60hz

  • LCD: modify the default startup brightness of mipi and VBO screens from 255 to 102

  • LCD: fix the issue of no display during sleep wake-up on the new TS050 screen

  • LCD: fix Setting the brightness of the screen backlight cannot be saved when power is off

  • LCD: fix the problem that the system cannot be accessed after the TS101 screen is connected and Factory reset are restored

  • HDMI: add vesa resolutions support 480x320p@60hz 640x480p@60hz 800x480p@60hz 800x600p@60hz 1024x600p@60hz 1024x768p@60hz 1280x480p@60hz 1280x800p@60hz 1280x1024p@60hz 1360x768p@60hz 1440x900p@60hz 1600x900p@60hz 1600x1200p@60hz 1680x1050p@60hz 1920x1200p@60hz 2560x1080p@60hz 2560x1440p@60hz 2560x1600p@60hz 3440x1440p@60hz

  • ExoPlayer: fix the issue of AMPlayer playing videos without popping up UI windows

  • Chrome: fix mp4 file cannot be played on Chrome

  • Gsensor: fix gsensor layout direction

  • Gsensor: add android.hardware.sensor.accelerometer feature 2

  • Camera: [VIM4N] add IMX415 camera support

  • NPU: [VIM4N] npu the NN needs to adjust the voltage

  • Apn: add mnc=78 for Airtel 1

  • Settings: KTools: fix aml-bl control bug

  • Webview: update webview apk from 83 to 95 version 2

  • Add busybox bin file


Pubulished edge2-android-12-v230625 image


  • Camera: compatible camera with both OS08A10 and IMX415

  • Camera: add usb Camera JEPG Video Mirror

  • Camera: fix wrong preview direction when connecting to USB camera

  • Camera: fix the problem of motor noise when OS08a10 is powered on

  • Camera: fix the issue of three mipi cameras being connected and cannot open the camera MuiltiCamTestActivity.apk 2

  • Camera: fix the issue of not being able to open both front and back cameras simultaneously MuiltiCamTestActivity.apk 2

  • Media: rockchip: isp: fix self update config for isp30

  • Launcher3: modify the default layout

  • KSettings: add status bar control 3

  • Settings: About Modifying Tablet Characters to Devices

  • WIFI: fix the issue of abnormal sleep after connecting to WiFi

  • WIFI Cast: fix the issue of Cast Screen being unable to connect to certain devices

  • BT: fix the issue of Bluetooth mouse not being able to wake up the system after system hibernation 1

  • BT: update bt firmware

  • GPS: add usb gps support

  • DTS: rockchip: Edge2: DP: config usb_con (5v 9v 12v)

  • IR: fix the issue of infrared remote control not being able to wake up the system after system hibernation 1

  • Rk3588: bl31: update bl31 source file

  • Soc: rockchip: rk_fiq_debugger: fix interrupt fires forever


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Thank you for reading this blog update! As always, please send us all your thoughts and feedback through the Khadas Community Forum!


Khadas Team

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