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2021 Khadas Community Competition Results!

Dear Khadas Community,

Khadas is committed to nurturing an open source community of mutual help and sharing, and we couldn't have done it without you. So I would first like to thank each and everyone for participating and making our community competition a success!


Competition Prizes:

  • Gold Award (x1): 10,000 USD cash

  • Silver Award (x1): 2,000 USD cash, 3,000 USD coupon

  • Bronze Award (x1): 1,000 USD cash, 1,000 USD coupon

  • Excellence Awards (x5): 500 USD coupon

  • Best Popularity Award (x1): 2,000 USD coupon


Competition Winners:


This project involved using a VIM3 single board computer as the brains for a Guitar Amplifier with neural network DSP effects. The VIM3's A311D SoC had an onboard 5.0 TOPS NPU which provided the hardware acceleration for the digital signal processing.


In another amazing project, the VIM3 single board computer was combined with the TS050 touchscreen and a 3D printed case to create a futuristic head-unit / speedometer for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The VIM3 received all the relevant inputs from the vehicle, and displayed necessary information on the LCD screen.


A proof-of-concept A.I controlled water-gun turret. This turret was controlled by the VIM3's neural processing unit, and could recognize and shoot water at a human being entering the field of view of the webcam. Definitely an amusing project with a potentially darker side.


A VIM3 single board computer was used as the brains and neural processing unit for a robot "cat girl". It is the inventors dream that such a service robot could aid humanity by becoming a partner or girlfriend with people. It looks like amazingly complex work, well done!

The Surveillant Project was a simple touchscreen "dashboard" with the purpose of monitoring your local computer system or cluster (grid) computer. It was built using a VIM3 single board computer and TS050 touchscreen. It is open source, lightweight, and very scalable.

In this project, a VIM3 single board computer was used as an MQTT server, programmed to function as a blockchain application node and broker. The node was built using Hyperledger's Fabric Project, and the code was based on the Consortium Blockchain.

XVIM is a multi-functional cabinet or "box" for the Khadas VIM series of single board computers. The main aims were to create a cool looking enclosure with programmable LEDs, easy access to the SD card, provide an LCD screen for status updates, self sustaining internet access, and more!

In an effort to create an all-in-one SBC + DAC device, @DerFu created a very unique melding of both the Khadas DIY Case and the Tone2 Pro. His amazing cutting and grinding skills, as well as his unique inventiveness deserve an honorable mention here.


Nicknamed the "Khadas Sandwich" or "Khadas Burger", this result is the amalgamation of three Khadas devices, the VIM3 single board computer, the VTV Receiver Board and the Tone Board DAC. This unique monstrosity showcases the stack-ability and compactness of the Khadas product system.


All winners will be contacted within one week after the announcement of the results, and all cash and coupons will be given out within 15 days. If you are an entrepreneurial or OEM team, we can provide opportunities for publicity and cooperation.

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

To discuss the competition results, please visit our Khadas Community Forum:


Thanks for reading!

Khadas Team

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