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These two cables are specifically designed for Khadas Tea and sold separately. The first is a 10cm USB-C to C cable, and the second is a 10cm USB-C to Lightning audio cable. Both cables support bit-perfect streaming of digital audio data. To maximize pocket-ability, each wire is soft and flexible and is just 10cm in length, the perfect connection distance between your smartphone and Tea, so you can leave your other cables at home.


N.B.: Only the 10cm USB-C to C cable supports USB-C power delivery, the 10cm USB-C to Lightning audio cable does not.



The 10cm USB-C to Lightning audio cable supports bit-perfect audio-data streaming from iPhones and iPads (w/ Lightning port) to the Khadas Tea and Tone2 Pro, and contains the Apple MFi authorized C78-USBH Lightning connector. However, it does not support USB-C power delivery, and external power will have to be supplied to the DAC separately.


The 10cm USB-C to C cable supports bit-perfect audio-data streaming to Tea and Tone Series DACs, and also supports USB-C power delivery (Rated DC 5V). The DACs will draw power directly from your Android smartphone or iPad (w/ USB-C port).


 Soft and flexible wire, and white in color.





10cm USB-C Audio Cable for Khadas Tea

PrixÀ partir de 4,00$
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