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Carrier Board for Edge

PCI-E M.2 Slot

Add NVMe SSD storage to Captain via a full 4-lane PCI-E M.2 slot.


Dual gamepads and left-right function buttons for gaming.

Gesture Detection

APDS-9960 gesture sensor for Human-Machine Interaction.

Power Priority

Captain can feed electrical power to Edge, or vice-versa.


Add a multi-touch screen to Captain via the eDP and TP ports.

Expand Your Edge

314 pin mxm3 connector for docking with edge

Dock with the Captain

Captain is equipped with a 314-pin MXM3 connector that lets you modularly expand the features & capabilities of your Edge SBC. Use the Captain or design your own carrier board. Edge software can be configured to automatically detect your board.

Gesture Sensor

Captain can detect your hand movements

APDS-9960 Module

Captain is equipped with the APDS-9960 gesture detection module. It has light-sensing, RGB colour sensing, proximity detection, in addition to gesture detection.

M.2 Slot + Battery

Full 4-lane PCI-E M.2 slot and battery charging circuit

NVME SSD & Li-Po Batteries

On the backside of Captain, you'll find a full 4-lane PCI-E M.2 slot for attaching NVMe SSDs, perfect for large machine vision models or just a home theatre rig. In addition, there's also a lithium polymer battery socket, equipped with a high-efficiency charging-IC, for when you need to go mobile.

Power Priority

Captain and Edge can keep each other powered up

Power Priority

Captain can be powered by its 12V DC barrel jack, or a docked Edge SBC. In this state it will provide electrical energy to charge an attached Lithium Polymer battery pack. If no sources of external power are available, Captain will use the attached battery to keep itself and the Edge powered.

Kap Case

Turn your Edge + Captain into a mini PC!